Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Men’s Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Men

Men are often the hardest to shop for, it’s either they have it, will hate it, or it’s so expensive. Not to worry, I’ve carefully combed through a series of options to gather the perfect gift for that man in your life. Whether that is a husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or all around good friend, I’ve got you covered. I’ve categorized each gift idea to make it easier to shop. Some gifts are the all star gift, that will cost a pretty penny but will also be the showstopper. Other ideas are perfect essentials and stocking stuffers. I hope you enjoy! As always, feel free to check out the other holiday gift guides here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 For Men

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Men

Skincare and Fragrance

Believe it or not, men are really particular about their skin and scent. In fact, I am almost certain my younger brother has a better skincare routine than I do. With that said, you can’t go wrong with grooming products, candles, and cologne. Here are some of my favorites for men:

Slightly Techie 

These tech infused gifts are practical as well as fun. I love giving presents that the recipient can use daily and get the most out of. These suggestions will do just that while having a fun tech twist. Like the self cleaning bottle, or the Google Assistant wireless Bose headphones. You can have your Google assistant read incoming messages without lifting a finger or your phone. Check out other ideas below!

Fashion Essentials

No matter their personal level of style, every man needs clothes. Here are options that will keep him warm and looking pretty fashion forward at the same time. I threw in a robe, slippers, and pj’s in case the only thing he needs is extra warm cozy house wear. They pair well with the grooming kits above.

Travel Needs

Whether he is traveling to work, for work, or for fun, here are great options to accompany his journey. I personally like the expandable briefcase that fits a laptop.

Luxury Gifts He’ll Love

Every once in awhile, it is important to splurge. Here are gifts worth spending extra on that he will love. These are great investment pieces that will hopefully last him a lifetime.

Gym Time

Does he love to workout? Is he always hitting the gym every chance he gets? Then these options will work wonderfully as gifts.


It’s no secret, men love food. If you seriously can’t think of any other gift, give them something delicious to eat. It’s almost as simple as that. To make it a little more thoughtful, I pulled together a few gifts that any foodie would be envy. Bon Appetite!


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