Rent The Runway Unlimited 2018 Review & New Perks!

Rent The Runway 2018 Review

It’s no secret at this point that I am love with the brand Rent The Runway (please sponsor me!). I have written about their services twice before. My initial review of the unlimited option and then my thoughts a year later after using the subscription. Those reviews stay true to how I feel, but since then Rent The Runway has added a few extra perks that have completely changed the game. Here’s what they are:

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How To Stay Healthy & Fit While Traveling

Fit While Traveling

Last week, I discussed my top 10 tips on traveling during the stressful holiday season. Today I want to share what I do to stay healthy and fit while traveling. I personally feel more energized, rested, and happier when I eat healthy and move my body. Which in turn creates a more fulfilling travel experience. […]

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