Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Fashionista

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Fashion Gifts

The third installment of this holiday gift guide series is for the fashionista in your life. This is one area I excel in and have a bountiful of gift options for your best friend, sister, aunt, mom, wife, or daughter. The prices range from stocking stuffer ideas to that all star gifts that will wow her. To make it less overwhelming I’ve divided each gift option into categories making it easier. Simply scroll and click on the one you think is the perfect match to find all the shopping information. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the Beauty Gift Guide and Travel Gift Guide as well. For men’s gift ideas, check out a full list here.

Holiday gift guide 2018 fashion gifts

The All Star Gift

There is always that one special gift under the tree that cannot wait to be unwrapped. It is the all star gift, the luxury gift that we’ve been dying to have. For the fashionista, that typically means designer goods or jewelry. For the techie, it means a new gadget like a laptop or phone. For the athlete it usually means new running shoes or a gym membership. You get the point, the prime gift is the one we’ve been anticipating. I’ve checked my top favorite stores to find the perfect all star gifts for the fashion enthused. These will last for years to come, making them great investment pieces.

Fashion Essentials

Every well dressed woman needs the essentials in her closet! Whether that is a few more sweaters with a modern twist, a mini skirt, or new boots. I have gathered items that are trending now and will last the rest of next year. I’ve also included basics that will up any fashionista’s game. If you aren’t sure about sizing, you can simply ask for a gift receipt or purchase a gift card to that store. To add a bit of personal touch when sending gift cards, print out the items you are eye for them to add to their collection. You can even spruce up the packaging with my favorite card company Papyrus. Here are my top picks on what to gift:

Gifts for the BFF

Have a best friend who deserves a few gifts this year? Here are perfect ideas that are fun, small, and affordable. I love to gift items that my bffs can wear all the time and get the most use out of them. Small jewelry to fun hats are my go to. Here are my top suggestions below:

Which pieces did you like best? What are you gifting this year, let me know in the comments below!


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