Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Beauty

The Holiday’s are right around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel like this year zoomed by, but then again I feel like that every year once November hits. I am kicking off the holiday gift guide series for 2018 with suggestions on what to give the beauty lovers in your life. If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend who is obsessed with skincare, creating makeup looks, or is a hair fanatic, I have great ideas for you!

I split each gift idea into three sections: Hair, Makeup, Skincare to make it easier for you to sift through. Each item listed is linked to the exact place to buy the gift. Some occasionally have gift wrapping available, making it even easier during crunch time. I personally shifted and searched through the web to create this list, so it’s extra personal and extra thoughtful. I’ve also only included brands I trust, have used, or know will be a hit with your loved ones. You can rest assure that what you’re gifting will showcase how much you care for that special individual. So without further ado, here is a blogger holiday gift guide 2018: beauty!

Skin Perfect

I have been obsessed with skincare every since I turned 20. Protection, nourishment, and prevention is key for perfect skin for years to come. It doesn’t matter what age you are (or those you are gifting to), skincare is essential part of a beauty routine. These gifts are some of my absolute favorite skincare products out there and will make incredible gifts. Simple click the ones that catch your eyes to find out all the details:

Kiss and Makeup

Do you have a friend, or loved one who won’t leave the house without the perfect pout, brows, or killer contour? I’ve got some great ideas of gifts for those makeup lovers. Every beauty lover’s dream is receiving new tools and color pallets to play with. For them, it is exciting to mix and match and create looks that other’s would never think of. There is always something new to try on the market (like Stila liquid eye shadow), and the covet pieces that make the whole face come together (like Lily’s lashes).  Here are the top color pallets, lipsticks, brushes and sponges to keep your beauty guru going all year round. These make great stocking stuffers as well. Simply click to find out more details:

Signature Scent

They say every woman should have a signature scent. I believe, why limit to one when you can three or four depending on where you are going! I also love layering perfumes, you can read how I create my own perfect fragrance by layering them here. Some days I crave fruity notes, and other days I want dramatic florals. If you have a family member who loves delicious fragrances, or is looking to find her signature scent these are great gift options. I chose my all time favorites and listed them below. Simply click to find more details:

Golden Locks

There is no better feeling than having a good hair day. I think both men and woman revel when they have that perfect hair moment. There is just something about it that boost our confidence and makes us feel like we can take on the world. With that said, a lot goes into having incredible healthy hair. From nourishing the locks to styling. There are endless tools, serums, hair accessories, and of course treatments that make our locks shine. To take out the hard work of guessing which ones work, I have pulled together all my favorites listed below. I’ve tried each one of these out and personally swear by them. For reference, I have processed, curly, medium length hair… and a lot of it! So in essence, I have dry hair that needs a lot of product to keep it healthy and shiny. Keep that in mind when browsing:

I hope this article helps you find the right gift for your loved one. Stay tuned for next week’s holiday gift guide. If you are shopping for someone in particular, leave me a note in the comments! It might become part of the series.


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