Blogger Gift Guide 2018: Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

Holiday gift guide 2018 stocking stuffers

Continuing the Holiday Gift Guides, today I am sharing the perfect small gifts or stocking stuffers. These are great for coworkers, best friends, additional gifts, and to place in stockings. They are relatively affordable and easy to carry with you to work or school (where ever you find your bffs). Just like each holiday gift guide to this point, I broke down the options into categories to make shopping easier. Simply scroll and click on the gift idea you like best to find out more details and where to purchase. I hope you enjoy! For all 2018 gift guides, simply click here.

2018 Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts

Beauty Gift Options

Trial kits and minis are my favorite beauty stocking stuffers. They make the perfect small gift for those who love makeup and skincare. If you are looking for large beauty options to give, check out this gift guide. Otherwise, these precious gifts will work like a charm, I personally love the “Binge Watching Beauty Kit”:

Travel Ideas

Small travel gifts will make any globetrotter excited for their next trip. Not every travel gift needs to be large and expensive. Luggage cards, passport holder, and carry on essentials are just a few suggestions!

Snacks & Home Goods

Delicious food is always a win! I remember always getting sour cream & onion Pringles in my stocking. Chocolate, cookies, caramel popcorn are just a few options for small gifts and stocking stuffers. Home goods are also great options. Candles, cutlery, and coasters are a few ideas. Check out the rest below:

Busy Women

For those women who are on the go, planners, travel mugs, and daily reminders to breathe are genius small gifts to give. I personally love the stationary and desk gifts from These work well for coworkers or school friends as well. A gift card to Starbucks is another option if you know she has affinity for crafted espresso drinks.

Gifts For Men

Men are often the trickiest to shop for. Small gifts included. However, I was able to find a group of small gifts just for men that will make them overjoyed. Also, feel free to check out the full list of gifts for men here.

Games & Toys

Small games are great ways to add to anyone’s holiday cheer. I remember play cards with my grandparents and laughing so hard. It would be the cousins versus the grandparents, and we would always win. Here are some fun games to throw into the stockings to make the holidays memorable:


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