Winter’s Here, The Essential Winter Boots You Need

Winter boots and winter essentails

Here on the East coast, we had our first real big snow fall. Which means only one thing, time to dust off the winter boots. As someone who attends events year round, I like to have many footwear options even with my winter boots.

Trendy Winter Boots

There are occasions where wearing my heavy duty snow plowing gear is not appropriate. For those occasions, I go for boots that don’t look like waterproof shoes. These that I am wearing are from J.Crew. They on sale right now for only $65 and comes in a brown if you prefer that color. I love them because to the naked eye, they look like regular ankle booties. My secret trick to keeping my feet warm year round is pairing the rain boots with thick wool socks.

Another favorite weatherproof boots are these amazing over the knee boots!

All Star Winter Boots

Then there are those special days where the only task is getting to the grocery store to load up on essentials. That’s when the mountain climbing, cozy toes winter boots come into play. My new favorites are from North Face. Again all black so there are no worries of getting them dirty. These babies hug my feet and are insulated to keep me toasty. They have traction on the bottom to prevent slipping as well.  Another lifetime favorite are L.L. Bean boots. Those ankle winter boots will last you a decade or longer if you are looking for something to invest in.

If you’re looking for fun snow day activities, check out my previous post on 25 snow day activities.

Winter in NYC, Madison Sq park, the best winter snow bootsBest winter snow boots, The North FaceBest winter snow boots and rain boots, J. CrewBest winter snow boots and rain boots, J. CrewBest winter snow boots and rain boots, J. Crew

Here are a few more favorites:

What do you typically wear during the winter snow days? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is such a great post, beauty! I agree, it’s nice to have options when it comes to winter boots and the pairs you’ve shared here are both practical and stylish! I, too, prefer a black pair. I tried white (dumb, I know) years ago and they were no longer white after the first wear. Thanks so much for sharing these stylish options with us, beauty, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!



  2. Super helpful article. I had no idea there are otk waterproof boots! Those are so fun. I just subscribed to your newsletter! I really love what you are doing here. Thanks!

  3. Subscribing! I just found your blog. Where the heck have I been living? I really love your photos and helpful tips. Can’t wait to read more. Love, Carly

  4. I was thisclose to getting those North Face boots in your slider for our trip to Washington, but all the reviews said they didn’t keep your feet warm (sort of defeats the purpose, ha!). So I bought a thicker pair of NF boots that are really cute, too. Love those first black ones you picture with the patent sides. Fun!

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