Meeting WHYFARM and Their Important Message

My last visit to the United Nations was incredibly impactful.  I was invited to the Youth Marketplace on Social Innovations for Health & Wellbeing event. The morning panel was hosted at the United Nations by Every Women Every Child and in partnership with the Office of the President of the General Assembly.  SDG Media Zone supported the conference and invited me to cover the important discussion on sustainability and gender equality. I was introduced to two organizations that really spoke to me and my interested in Gender Equality and Sustainable Living. Last week, I shared about She’s The First. Today I want to mention the powerful way WHYFARM is changing sustainable agriculture.

The Goal

The team at WHYFARM are providing solutions on making sustainable agriculture appealing for our youth to invest in. Think about it, what does our youth want to grow up to be? It is an unlikely answer to hear they would want to partake in the global need to make agriculture sustainable.

However feeding the world has become an increasingly huge issue that needs direct attention and support. The non-profit organization has come up with a plan to rebrand agriculture and make it appealing. They are using entertainment to reach children and educate them on the real food issues we as a whole are facing.

How To Get Involved

I asked WHYFARM how can we get involved and this is what they said:

At WHYFARM we have an ongoing call for action from persons interested or persons who will like to become interested. It is broken up into the following request:

1)  a request for WHYFARM AGbassadors in their respective countries, to start a WHYFARM chapter in their country, that will entail building a team etc.

2) General Volunteers to help out on projects etc.

3) Donors- People willing to financially support WHYFARM projects and assist in the growth of the First Super Hero for Food and Nutrition Security.

4) Inviting young persons to join the AGRIman Fan Club (The First Super Hero for Food and Nutrition).This is all done via our website and via our social media handles.

Daily Actions

I also wondered what daily actions we could take regarding sustainable agriculture?

They mentioned:

Firstly, with protecting and preserving the environment, minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Use alternate means for protecting crops against pests. For example spraying trees with soap water, practicing crop rotation, and use of clean water, for crop and livestock usage.


If you want to donate or learn more about Why Farm It, please feel free to visit their website.

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