Why You Should Choose A Sailing Holiday Over A Hotel

Sailing Holiday

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this in your mind. You are in your private cabin on a luxury catamaran charter in France, relaxing to the sway of the boat on the gentle waves. Your captain calls you up to the deck, as the luxurious vessel floats into a picturesque cove to while away an afternoon in the French sunshine. You go up to the deck, and lay back on a sun lounger, taking in the warmth of the sunshine, the deep blueness of the sea and the sounds of the waves gently lapping against the side of the boat. You can smell fresh seafood cooking away in the kitchen. It is a perfect moment and one that is next to impossible to recreate in the confines of a hotel.

No longer is sailing the pastime and vacation activity of the elite few and salty sailors. These days, sailing vacations are exploding in popularity amongst travelers of all sorts, and many are choosing them over their regular stay in a hotel. Before, many would walk down to the marina or see these beautiful boats go past, visiting hidden coves and secluded beaches while they had to return to a dull hotel room. Now, anyone can do it.

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A holiday on the sea combines the undeniable charm of the mainland, with golden sandy beaches, water that is so crystal clear you can see to the very bottom and the opportunity to sail through quaint coastal towns and villages, coves and islands – all in your own time. If you need further convincing about why chartering your own catamaran for a sailing vacation is an excellent idea, then read on!

Freedom Of Choice

Chartering your own catamaran gives you the freedom to design your very own dream holiday. There are no deadlines, tour guides, rushing about to catch trains, planes and buses, and no hidden fees for checking in, sitting next to your family or friends or taking luggage. It is just you, whoever you choose to share the moment with, your captain and the open water. The possibilities are endless and your time is ultimately yours. Stay in one place, or sail from location to location, whenever you want – you are in charge of your own itinerary. If you want to dock the boat and explore the mainland for a few hours, you can, but you can move around in the comfort of your own boat, rather than be stuffed like sardines into a cramped and uncomfortable tour bus, with cries of ‘meet us back here in three hours!’. If you fancy staying a bit longer somewhere, you can. If you want to move on earlier than expected – that is entirely up to you. The flexibility that a sailing holiday can offer is probably its most attractive benefit. The most challenging thing is deciding where you want to sail to!

Travel in Style and Luxury

Travelling can often be far from glamorous and luxurious. Lugging heavy bags and suitcases through packed airports, trying to find a space on the bus or the train. Messing about trying to hire a rental car to give you a little more freedom to explore your destination, and if you want to move on, the hassle of repacking your luggage. Traveling on your own private boat is a much more stylish and luxurious experience, which will leave you feeling totally relaxed. You won’t need to pack as much – just your swimwear, a few outfits for exploring the mainland if you choose to, and some good books to read while relaxing on the deck with a cocktail or two.

You will be the envy of the landlocked visitors, who will assume you are a mysterious celebrity, sailing past on a luxurious yacht or catamaran.


As well as the flexibility that a sailing vacation offers, complete privacy is one of the main reasons why people choose to charter a boat. Spending your holiday on your own private boat will give you and your family and friends the ultimate level of privacy. Hotels are usually crowded, particularly in the height of the holiday season, and outside of your cramped hotel room, you and your loved ones are unlikely to get a moment completely alone. The sea is far from crowded, and on your boat, you have the privacy to do precisely what you want, when you want. There is no more fighting over sunloungers, queuing for toilets or food and drinks at the bar and heading back to the room when all the amenities have closed for the night. Fancy sleeping on the deck under the light of the moon and the starry sky? Go for it! Want to sunbathe topless? No one there to see! If you do fancy the company of others, you can choose to moor up and visit the towns and villages or experience local nightlife and restaurants before returning to the boat for a peaceful – and private – night.

The Opportunity To Explore Somewhere New Every Day

Most of us go on holiday to relax and explore destinations that we have dreamed of – new cultures and new sights. It is a shame to be limited when we visit somewhere new, and when you are staying in a mainland hotel, no matter how flexible it appears to be, you are still restricted in terms of when you can visit and how often you can change your location – not without a great deal of fuss and money anyway. You have to rent a car or pay out for a tour bus or taxi. You can’t get to the secluded coves and beaches that you may have dreamed about visiting.  When you travel boat, the world is your oyster. You can explore the towns, you can explore the villages as well as new beaches, coves, and bays every single day – without having to trek back to a hotel room after a few hours, or without a great deal of expense. You can spend every morning in a new town, every afternoon on a new beach and every night in a new location.

The Scenery

You might have some lovely views from your hotel room, but absolutely nothing beats waking up and admiring the view from a boat. From the sea, your destination will look even more spectacular – huge swatches of white sand, pine-clad mountains in the distance, deep blue sea as far as the eye can see. You really can’t get much better!

It Is More Environmentally Friendly

Flying place to place, traveling on trains, taxis, buses and rental cars really add up those miles and have a significant impact on the environment. While boats are not perfect, they are a lot more sustainable and use a lot less fuel than other methods of transport and less electricity, reducing the pressure on our already struggling environment. So, while you are having the holiday of a lifetime, you are also doing your bit for the world.

There’s Always Something New To See and Do

Vacationing on the sea opens up a world of activities and new experiences. You can still go ashore and do all of the things that you would if you stayed in a hotel, but you also have all the water-based activities entirely at your disposal – without any additional charges, queues or time restraints. If all you want to do is spend the afternoon soaking up the sunshine with a book, gazing out across the ocean, that’s fine. If something more active piques your interest – scuba diving, swimming, diving, paddle boarding, water skiing, etc. – you are right there, ready to do it. You can sail to secluded coves untouched and unspoiled by others.

You Get More For Your Money

Ok, so on the face of it, chartering a catamaran may be a little more expensive to start off with than booking a hotel room. But think about all the additional costs that are associated with a hotel stay. Very few hotel rooms have adequate kitchens in which you can cook a family or group meal, so you spend money eating out in restaurants. They often only accommodate groups of four people so larger families or groups will need additional rooms, with no guarantee of them being anywhere near one another. You also have to factor in the cost of travel, excursions, and visits. Luxury boats allow you to prepare and cook your own meals on board at your leisure, can hold much bigger groups, and, as we have discussed above, give you much more flexibility when it comes to exploring new places, which saves a lot of money in the longer term.

A holiday on a catamaran will leave you feeling everything you should feel after a vacation: rejuvenated, energized, relaxed and spirited. You will come home with a sense of adventure, a thirst to explore further, a memory card full of incredible photos and a lifetime of memories that no hotel room can ever provide. If that doesn’t tempt you into booking your next vacation on a boat, we don’t know what will.

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