Why Investing In Yourself Is Important

Why Investing In Yourself Is Important

Hi my loves! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. This is typically the point in time where we start dreaming about the new year that is a mere week away. As a kid, I would dread January. But as an adult, I’ve grown to love how much the month feels like a fresh start. Last night, I was thinking about the goals and dreams I have for 2019. The biggest point that stood out was, how important it is to invest in one’s self.

So what does that mean?

Quite honestly it can mean (and look) like a lot of things. It could be joining a gym that you actually enjoy and makes you happy to show up to. Or it may be tossing old ragged clothes in exchange for beautiful pieces that make you feel confident. It may even look like seeking out a therapist to discuss issues you may be dealing with and want to resolve in a healthy manner. Other options are returning to school, moving to a new place that makes you happy, ending relationships that are toxic, investing in beauty treatments that make you feel incredible, or investing in your own business. The list continues as it applies to your specific needs and dreams.

The bigger question is why is it so important to invest in yourself?

The answer is very simple. We attract who we are. I’ve noticed this throughout different levels of my own personal development. When I was rather young and suffering from trauma, I attracted a lot of the like. There was a lot of drama, emotional baggage, and a roller coast of highs and lows. However, I invested a lot of time and financial resources into my mental and physical health and the people, opportunities, and even living conditions I attracted grew significantly better. My outside surroundings increased in value as I continued to invest in myself.

What’s holding you back?

Financial insecurities, exterior pressures, judgment, societal norms are all very common blockers from investing time and money into one’s self. I get it. I was nervous and scared too when I began. I had a ton of people question what I was doing, turn their backs on me, and even myself worried I had made a mistake. But that’s even more reason to do it. The things I am most scared of doing, are often the very thing I need to do.

Ironically most of us, our deepest fears are centered around being successful and shining bright. We often mask that fear with the fear of failure. But if you dig deep down underneath failure, you might be surprised that the core fear is being the incredible person who you are meant to be. Why?

It is the same reason why we don’t invest in ourselves. Exterior pressures to stay small and not rock the boat. The judgment of others of getting “too big”. The financial insecurities of entering a new a level of responsibilities that you’ve never seen before. We often fall back to staying in our small comfort zone, and abiding by what everyone else is saying and doing. Plus we are familiar with the outcome, there is no unknowns. 

How can you prevail?

You already have the goals insight, and the ambition to go for it, all you need is a push to take the next step. I am telling you, you have permission to take care of yourself and invest in your well being. Go for it! Put your blinders on to anyone who may persuade you that what you’re doing is silly or unnecessary. Keep your eye on your goals. Don’t worry about what others will say or think. This is your life, your precious time here on Earth. Go for the big dreams and do what you need to get there. Small investments will start to attract better opportunities and relationships. You’ll see a shift almost instantly, even if that shift is how you see yourself, how you respect yourself, and how you carry yourself. Those are huge too!

I hope this article helps. Let me know what you are working towards in 2019 in the comments! Also, come back in January for a full 21 day detox. For 21 days, I am going through all the mental, physical, and spiritual detoxes you need to create your absolute best life. I’ll also supply my favorite quotes, exercises, and tools I use each day. Sign up for the newsletter if you’re interested in receiving reminders! 


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