Why I Don’t Post About My Relationship On Social Media

Why I Don't Post About My Relationship On Social Media

I always half joke that no one will know I am married until a year after (whenever that might be… I am not married… Mom, don’t worry). At first I wasn’t going to write this article because I didn’t think it was worth discussing, but than I realized this kind of IS important.

I forget how many impressionable eyes see my content, especially on Instagram. The very LAST message I want to share with these young eyes is that you NEED to have a significant other in your life in order to be important. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a husband or wife won’t make you special. You are important because of who you are. You are worthy because of the incredible talents and personality you have built inside. A partner in life isn’t the end all be all. They are wonderful companions to share moments with, but they don’t define a person.

I think posting regularly about a significant other can often lead to this belief that a person is inadequate without another person by their side. The emphasis is on the wrong thing in my opinion. I rather use my space to share with young women all the amazing things I can accomplish independently. I think we need of heck of a lot more of that in our media, showcasing the goals, accomplishments, and strength of what women can do on our own.

The other half of it is I don’t think it is healthy to share all the very important details about your relationship. Like. Every. Single. Move. It’s not sustainable either.

To me, relationships are very precious and unique. While relationships don’t define who I am, I do grown and learn from others. Furthermore, relationships aren’t meant to be showcased or placed on a pedestal for everyone to admire. That’s the quickest way to create fractures in your unique bond with another person.

Instead, I find giving my undivided attention to the people I am with helps our relationship mature and grow. There is a time and a place to put the phone down and really enjoy the moment. Sometimes keeping that happiness, joy, all the feels to yourself is more important. Believe me, the whole world doesn’t need to know every date you go on. It’s going to be okay if you don’t post about it, but instead, just enjoy it.

Lastly, what I have also found to be true is that many women and men may post about their relationships when in reality, they are struggling in that relationship. Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, there are some really cute couples out there who post. But when you feel like you need to sell me on your relationship, take a minute and think about what’s really going on. Are you happy? What are you trying to prove? What are you really looking for when you turn to social media for approval? Deep questions, I know.

If it feels right and is authentic, then go for it and post about your significant other on social media. I am just here to tell you that it is really okay to not post about it either.

I am curious, what are your thoughts on this matter? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I completely agree with this post. My boyfriend and I never post of eachother and if we do it’s so simple. Ive always liked to keep my life private. A relationship will never define who I am and posting about a relationship won’t define us either.

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