What To Wear To New York Fashion Week

What To Wear To New York Fashion Week 2018

We are a few short days until February 7th, which means we are that much closer to the fall/winter New York Fashion Week. Designers will presenting their collection that will debut next winter, and some will be showcasing their spring collection that you can buy now. Rebecca Minkoff, being one of the first designers to incorporate the see now buy now phenomenon. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see what will be presented. I have a feeling the #metoo and Time’s Up movement will play an important role in what we will see.

Working Backstage

As for what to wear to New York Fashion Week, there are a few ways to approach the question. First, if you are working backstage or behind the scenes, you’re going to want to look fashion forward yet be comfortable. I love bodysuits, high-waisted pants, or jumpsuits for when I work backstage. These pieces allow me to kneel down, bend, and get every shot that I need while still looking my best.

Attending A Show

Being front of house watching the runway show is a different experience. I recommend going more glam when sitting for a show or presentation. You will be seen more by editors and other influencers. Even walking into the venue, there are street photographers waiting to take your photos.  This is the time to be extra, but still embody your style and who you are. An easy way to up your style is with the perfect shoe. I find the right shoe makes a world of a difference. Think studded mules, velvet boots, or Golden Goose sneakers.

Going To An After Party

During the day it is perfectly okay to wear denim and leather pants to New York Fashion Week, especially when they are styled right. For instance, a black ripped denim pant with a leather moto jacket, and a super flashy accessory is a great go-to for NYFW.

However, at night, this is a perfect time to wear slinky dresses and sequin skirts. You’ll be networking at the party as much as having fun. My best tips is to wear the style you represent on your blog or YouTube channel just crank it up a notch. Turn it into a night look by adding a pencil skirt instead of jeans, or a silk dress instead of a silk top.

Meeting With Brands

Occasionally, brands set up meetings with influencers during New York Fashion Week. This is a great time to showcase your style yet still look professional. I love to wear a blazer over my NYFW look to transform into a business attire. Zara has amazing and affordable blazers that are easy to style into any look.


What are you the most excited to see during New York Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments below!



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