What To Wear On A First Date

what to wear on a first date. Formal and casual outfit options

The first date comes with a slew of nerves and excitement. I get school-girl-giddy for first dates, it’s actually pretty cute and rather hysterical. Often the question that is on everyone’s mind is, what do I wear on a first date? Since first dates are typically a nice dinner or a casual meetup, it’s actually easier to plan than you may assume. The options I mention in this article are perfect wardrobe stable to have on hand when a first date arises. Enjoy!

What to wear on a first date. Formal options
What to wear on a first date. Formal options
What to wear on a first date. casual options
What to wear on a first date. Casual options
Formal Dinner

Whoa, so he is really stepping it up and taking you to a nice restaurant on the first day. You go girl! In this scenario, I’d opt for a traditional LBD, a shift dress, or skinny jeans and heels. Each one of these outfit ideas are fancy enough to fit the restaurant vibes without overdoing it. For accessories, I would suggest keeping it simple or delicate. Avoid large, in your face pieces so that the attention can be on you and not your fashion statement. As always, no matter what type of date you are on, wear what feels comfortable and authentically you.

Casual Meet Up

If you are heading to a chill hangout spot, the movies, or a day date, make sure your outfit matches by keeping it rather casual. Obviously that doesn’t mean rolling up in sweats and sneakers (OMG how much I’d love to do that though). Instead, try for casual slacks, jeans, or a mini skirt. A sundress is perfect for a day date in the warmer months as well. A concert tee, v neck tee, or tank is a great option for a top. You can always layer with a denim jacket, leather jacket, or cardigan. As for shoes and accessories, I would stick to whatever you normal wear. A cute flat and layered jewelry is my preference.

Active Date

Say hiking is your first date, find an athletic set that matches your style. I am a Nike girl, and tend to pair their tops and leggings together with great training shoes. To make the look complete, I suggest still doing your hair and a bit of makeup. It is still a first date after all, and you want to feel your best.

Question Of The Day

What is your favorite first date outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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