What To Pack For New York Fashion Week

What to pack for New York Fashion Week

Can you believe it is here! September NYFW is my all time favorite. The weather is better, the clothes are exciting, and it is also my favorite time of the year to be in New York City. Today I am sharing some pro tips on what to pack for NYFW beyond the obvious OOTD. I also have a few helpful hotel suggestions. Enjoy!

What To Pack For New York Fashion Week: Necessities

This list includes all the necessities. Things that are often forgotten about but are crucial when enjoying the shows. It ranges from tech gear to first aid supplies.

  • Extra chargers (phone chargers, battery packs, and camera chargers)
  • Extra memory disks or storage space. Google has unlimited storage, so bring your Pixels!
  • Protein bars (sounds so odd, but often there’s little time to eat, and this will help keep you fueled)
  • Compeed blister cushions. I found this brand to work the absolute best in preventing blisters!
  • Pair of flats (either ones you can wear to the event or ones small enough to slip in your bag)
  • Business Cards. You never know who you’ll meet
  • Apps such as Lyft and Via ready to go.
Beauty Products To Pack

I don’t know about you, but I don’t react well to hotel products. Especially when it comes to haircare, so I typically bring my own! There are amazing travel kits like this one I add my own shampoo and conditioner to. Besides that I would pack:

  • Dry Shampoo (Amika is my favorite!)
  • Zit Fighter ( I like these Acne Healing Dots)
  • Curling Wand and Straightener
  • Hair Spray
  • The normal makeup that you use
  • Travel size deodorant and perfume to put in your purse for those extra long days
  • Sheet Mask from Sephora
Clothes To Pack

Okay this category is up to your personal style but I do have a few suggestions. If you are attending the shows to be photographed, go all out! I would suggest reading this article on what street photographers love and hate to snap. Other influencers attend with the objective to showcase what’s trending. Meaning they came there to shoot the looks, makeup, and designs coming down the runway. For these influencers, I recommend wearing really comfortable pieces that still look stylish but won’t get in the way of taking those images. Think flats, wide leg pants, loose shirts, sleeveless long dusters. It can still look on trend but there is room to bend over and crouch down to get the shot. To everyone I recommend packing:

  • Tide to Go 
  • Wrink resists spray
  • Lint roller
  • Shoe insoles if you need them
  • The most comfortable Pajamas you own because you’re going to want them at the end of the day
  • Small sewing kit (thread, needle, safety pins and tape)
  • Strapless bras, nude underwear, all the basic under garb
For the Hotel Room

Most of the shows take place downtown on the west side. I recommend checking out Hotel Indigo, they have the most comfortable beds ever. I sleep so well at their hotels. There is one located in the flatiron district, which is one of my favorite parts of the city. It is also half way between both popular NYFW locations and walking distance to two other NYFW locations. I would recommend stocking the room prior to the start of New York Fashion Week with:

  • Water & Seltzer
  • Fresh Fruit and Juices (loaded with Vitamin C) help prevent getting sick
  • Healthy snacks like veggies and hummus or nuts. I hear a lot of people complain about eating so much junk food because they don’t have time to eat anything else. You’ll have these options ready for you when you get back late at night instead.
  • Tumeric and Apple Cider Vinegar. Read this post to see why!

That’s it! I hope this helps you prep for NYFW. I will be attending so if you will be there too let me know! You can follow along on Instagram or the blog for all the fun.



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