What to expect during New York Fashion Week

There are two times during the year that I jump for joy, and it is called New York Fashion Week. I live for the shows. The energy, the creativity, seeing all my coworkers and peers gather for the incredible events. There is nothing like it. I am always impressed by what the designers come up with and the immaculate ways they display their designs. For the full schedule take a look here.

What to Expect during New York Fashion Week

If this is your first time attending the shows of NYFW, congratulations! This is an exciting time for you. I am sure there are a lot of questions floating in your head as to what to expect, and I am here to answer them.

  • There’s a lot of hurry and wait. Shows often start 10-30 minutes after the doors open. There will be a rush to be at the show on time and then waiting at the door to be let in. It is to be expected and rather normal. The flip side is being late and then missing the show, which is a nightmare.
  • Runway shows typically last 15-20 minutes.  It depends how large the collection is. A presentation runs for about an hour to an hour and a half allowing guests to come in and leave during the time period.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you don’t have an assigned seat. As long as you have a confirmation number it is okay! Many times when I didn’t have an assigned seat I ended up getting the best seat in the house. Just be patient and wait until you get inside then ask one of the ushers if you could move up a row. They’ll most like say yes.
  • Uber/Lyft will be your best friend. The four main stages are Skylight Clarkson SQ, Skylight Moynihan, Art Beam and Pier 54. Those are four different locations around the city. Not to mention many designers have decided to host the shows in their own venues. Uber is the easiest way to get around in high heels and designer duds.
  • Your phone makes for a great camera. I tried taking my canon with my to a few shows and it was pointless. First, it is bulk and huge, second, it takes a lot of time to focus and get the right lighting, and you simply don’t have that kind of time to fiddle around. These shows move quickly! Unless you are a professional, your smart phone will work just fine.
  • There are often lounges inside the main venues where you can sit after the show and have coffee. Take advantage of this time to rest, charge your phones and clear out your memory cards for the next presentation.
  • Dress for the occasion. It is a sign of respect to the designer and also those who surrounded you (which happen to be the most influential people in fashion). If you are looking to be photographed, really go all out and take extra time to be with the photographers outside the venues.

what to expect at new york fashion week

Extra Tips

  • To make the ticketing process easier, keep all your confirmations emails in a separate folder labeled ‘NYFW’. This makes checking in simple!
  • Look up New York Fashion Week lounges in the areas you will be most often attending. There will be several through the week that offer free hors d’oeuvres and drinks with a space to network or work between shows. There are even beauty bars that provide complimentary touch-ups as well. They make great resting points. Stay tuned for where to look in my next article!
  • There is very little time for food or few options for meals. I suggest bringing something to hold you over. I have made this mistake many, many times before and ended up having my first meal at 10 pm at night. Bring snacks!Want to know what else to carry with you during the week? Check out my post on the essentials you’ll need with you at all times!

What to take away

Overall, enjoy this time of year and take it all in. This is a great time to feed inspiration, connect with designers, and learn what to present to your readers.  Let me know what you are the most excited about in the comments or if there is anything else you are looking to learn.


  1. Lol I always joke with my husband that my diet week is coming up. You’re so right about the eating thing. I find that I completely forget about eating and then I’m not hungry because I’m so focused on running around and hate breaking the flow.

    Hope to see you at the shows this season!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

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