What it is really like to be a blogger

What it is really like to be a blogger

I wanted to write this article after reading a fellow blogger’s real life experience. It made me laugh so hard and I could relate to every piece. Just like every industry, there is a lot the goes on behind the scenes that you probably wouldn’t even think about. It may shock you how ridiculously REAL it gets being a blogger. After all, we are just humans. Have a look!

What it is really like to be a blogger

Okay for starters, a majority of the day is spent in front of a screen and keyboard. Just like anyone who is in a 9-5 job, there are a ton of emails (like whoa!) and articles to drafts. Beyond that there is marketing, social media, and the fun realms of accounting. That takes the bulk of the day. Most people kind of forget about this part, but the majority of my work is done indoors on the phone or computer like everyone else. Pretty normal right?

Then there are moments where the pressure is on and you are the only one to show up! Just recently, I woke up on the morning of a really big meeting with a really big brand. I looked in the mirror and my eye was so red. I looked at myself and started to laugh hysterically. This. Is. Happening!

I wasn’t sure if it was an eye infection and I needed a doctor or just from exerting it too much and needed sleep. None the less, I had no time to figure it out. I was going to meet my dream team company with a busted eye. I started doing my hair with one hand and held a cold compress against my eye with the other hand. Luckily that seemed to work along with a quick nap on the train ride. Turned out it was from pure exhaustion… and the meeting went perfectly!

But then there are the abnormal parts of blogging. There are times when I run into different celebrities and have the absolute pleasure of making a fool of myself. I have a gift of telling the most random embarrassing stories upon first meeting. Sometimes I have no clue what takes over my brain or why I say the things I do. Total palm to face moments. It’s so embarrassing.

The biggest things that are probably not seen are:

  • I have 5 journals of notes of things to do, and two calendars running at the same time. It is a miracle I don’t mix up important dates
  • My purse is a Mary Poppins bag full of deodorant, perfume, business cards, extra shoes, extra clothes, umbrellas, band-aids, socks, phone charges, back up portable chargers, cameras, and snacks… And I have had to use all of it before for one event.
  • Traveling between events is an event it itself.
  • I shop with only one thing in mind… NYFW
  • Speaking of which, New York Fashion Week is the most insane test of endurance. There’s little downtime for anything. I often forget when I ate last, even going to the bathroom kind of gets lost in the mix. Forget about sleep.
  • There are endless hours spent on Instagram…
  • When doing blog posts for sale roundups, I often end up spending a couple hours shopping the sale myself. Oops.
  • Between what I order online and what I get from PR companies, I am pretty sure my doormen think I have a shopping problem.

So the gist of all of this is, there is a lot more that goes into blogging than attending events where champagne is overflowing. That’s the really, really fun part. Then there are times where you’re asking your blogger bff if they can see sweat stains. Overall, blogging is a fun variety of experiences. Each day is new and exciting. I am grateful every day for this journey.

Ps. If you have your own blogger story that you’d like to share, link it below for other readers to see!


  1. This is such a nice read, and I couldnt agree more, especially on the last point: “Between what I order online and what I get from PR companies, I am pretty sure my doormen think I have a shopping problem.” Couldnt help but wonder what the delivery guy thinks about me. haha!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  2. Hahaha gosh I love this! You are the only person I know who would find humor in waking up to a bright red eye before a big meeting, because most people I know (myself included) would be freaking out lol! P.S – I can totally see you laughing hysterically at yourself too lol!

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