What Do Your Clothes Really Say About You?

What Do Your Clothes Really Say About You?

Fashion has been used for many things. Clothing choices might be practical, like a uniform, or making a statement like on a catwalk. Many of us choose our wardrobes to flatter our body shapes and personal tastes in style. However, there is often something else, underlying, that influences our decision. What’s influencing your outfit today?

I Want To Appear Important

While a uniform might certainly help here, most of us never wear one. To appear important or authoritative in the workplace, you might choose a power suit. The days of padded shoulders might be long gone, but shaping the cut of your suit to suggest height and shoulder width can still be quite influential. Check out the lapel or collar you’re choosing. Does it elongate your neck and broaden your chest? Are you wearing heels that give you those few extra inches too?

What Do Your Clothes Really Say About You?

Dressing for success, or just a confidence boost? Image origin

My Ethics And Morals Are Important To Me

Many people choose to wear fashion that has been produced with the environment or animal welfare in mind. Of course, other people choose to wear Hippie clothes and styles because they are so comfortable. But comfort might be part of your overall ethos too. Who wants to be in a suit all day if they don’t have to be? Tight skirts, high heels, and stockings certainly make everyday tasks a bit more challenging at times!

I Want To Be Seen To Be A Hard Worker

Sportswear and workout clothing that is clean and fresh doesn’t fool anyone. Of course, it does reveal a svelt body and toned muscles. It’s also pretty comfortable and probably does motivate you to pick up the pace. If you can fit a workout a day into your schedule, then it makes sense to save those few extra minutes and head out in the right outfit for that particular task.

What Do Your Clothes Really Say About You?

Are you really working out today? 

I’ve Made An Effort To Fit In

If you’ve carefully selected an outfit that mirrors what everyone else is wearing, then it’s clear you want to feel a part of the group. We do this when we go to the opera or a formal dinner. After all, who would dare to dress down for such an occasion? But if you go that extra mile and pick a statement ensemble, complete with high-quality jewelry, you will turn some heads. So do you want to fit in, or do you want to stand out?

I Want This Job

Why is it that the outfit we pick for the interview never gets seen again in that company? We deliberately dress in a particular way to represent the job, not ourselves. We need to leave the right impression. Our choice of wardrobe should make it clear that we’re right for the role. After all, they do say you should dress for the job you want! Once you have the job, you can wear whatever suits you as a person. Still, if it’s a step up, you might carry on wearing the job rather than the style you feel best represents you, the person. What are you saying through your fashion choices today?

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