What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

“We can all make a difference. We need to work hard. Believe in ourselves, never give up and take those opportunities for growth and change…”

Last week I attended the ECOSOC Youth Forum at the United Nations. ECOSOC stands for The Economic and Social Council at the UN where members from around the world come together to discuss innovative sustainability solutions, policy changes, and development goals.

The Youth Forum strives to “brings the voice of youth into the discussion of the Millennium Development Goals and post-2015 development agenda”- UN.org. One way in which they are striving to do this is through the 17 SDGs.

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

What are the SDGs

SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. There are a total 17 goals, all in effort to improve the current economic and social issues that the youth face by the year 2030.

What are the 17 Goals?

Each of the 17 SDGs were specifically design to envision a world of inclusion despite disabilities. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are as followed cited from The UN #Envision2030 page:

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

Where Should I Start If I Want To Create Change?

“Engage with policy makers and with your community … It is a great start for a brighter future.”

There are many ways to become involved and help achieve the 17 SDGs. The best way to start is picking one goal that you most identify with. It may be clean water, gender equality, or climate action.

From there, do research. See if there are any groups within your community that are working on the same goal. Start talking to policy makers about the issues and spark a local conversation.

“None of us are coming to complain, we are coming here to discuss the issues we have and take action.” – Jayathma Wickramanayake

The first step is often having the conversation around the issues that are occurring. Like Ms. Wickramanayake stated, we are not here to complain, we are here to discuss and enlight others about what is happening in our society. Even if that conversation begins within your home, the ripple effect is promising.

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

Spark a conversation on social media!

“We have social media at our fingertips, we have a global voice. It is our responsibility to use that massive voice.”- Jeremy Akhavi

One of the perks of growing up with social media, is the ability to use it to amplify our voices. Start sharing your goals for a brighter future and the information you have found. Use hashtags #Youth2030 #SDGMedia for a way to join the conversation.

Get Involved With the United Nations Global Goals

“There is no time for feeling helpless, there is so much for us to do”- @Nabela

SDG Media Zone is a wonderful tool to learn more information and discover upcoming live events that stream straight to your computer. You can also watch past events to gain insight on how others are working on the 17 SDGs.

If you have twitter, follow Global Goals UN for up to date information on how to actively make a difference in your daily life. They share tips on energy saving, healthy living, and ways to address inequality. They’ve even created the “Lazy Person’s Guide To Saving The World.”

Stay Tuned!

I’ll be sharing highlights from the two day ECOSOC Youth Forum, and one particular topic that sparked a question within my own lifestyle choice.

What are the SDGs and How to Get Involved

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