The Lulu DK and We Wore What Collection Is Now Here!

We Wore What Collection

Bloggers have been killing the game in regards to collaborations with big brands. If you missed it, Something Navy just signed a mega deal with Nordstrom. But today we are discussing We Wore What Collection with Lulu DK. We Wore What has been doing collaborations here and there, but this one is particularly exciting. The mega blogger launch a collection of beautiful gold jewelry with Lulu DK. On Instagram, Danielle mentioned in an emotional post that the pendants were inspired by the pendant she wears to remember her late grandfather who past away last year. Through the entire line, you can see reminders of love, inspiration, and charm that you can wear through the day.

The nice part of the Lulu DK and We Wore What Collection is that it’s rather affordable. The price tops at $84 and is as low as $58. The jewelry itself is very on trend with chunky gold pieces, but in styles that will be relevant for years to come. Especially those pendant necklaces. Take a look and shop the whole collection below! In the comments let me know what you think about bloggers collaborating with big brands.


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