Ways to Remodel Your Home on a Budget

ways to remodel your home on a budget

Is it possible to get high-end home remodeling results on a shoestring budget? With some creativity and DIY skills, it is possible. You don’t need to do a complete gut job to achieve results that are Pinterest-worthy. The following ideas can inject some fresh design flair in your home sans the lofty price. Keep reading on ways to remodel your home on a budget

Give Your Walls a Fresh Paint Color

What’s easier than re-painting your indoor walls? It instantly transforms the space without having to demolish a wall or do heavy carpentry work. All you need is an indoor paint sprayer and a pretty paint color.  You can find a paint sprayer to fit your needs at https://paintsprayers.reviews/best-for-indoor-walls.

Which paint color should you choose? You have a plethora of options but here are a few tips to keep in mind, so you can choose better:

  • Go with the paint that works with your over-all aesthetic. If you are aiming for a minimalist vibe, it makes more sense to choose paint colors that are more muted like white, shades of grey, light blue and light green hues.
  • Think of how it will impact the lighting in your space. Darker color diminishes the natural light in the room so if you want to maintain good quality natural lighting, go for lighter colors.
  • Choose colors that lift your mood up. Colors can change your mood so if you choose bright and cheerful colors, the room will spark joy and inspiration.
  • Check out online photos to get an idea which color would look best in your space.

Just make sure you pick high-quality paint that won’t peel off or give off an awful smell. Thankfully, there are now a lot of paint formulas that last long and are even easy to clean.

Ways to Remodel Your Home On A Budget

Transform Your Entryway

The entrance to your home is the first thing that people will see. If it needs sprucing up, here are some of the things you can do to give it more character:

  • Change the color of your front door. Go for bolder colors like dark blue, mustard yellow or even red. If you don’t have the budget to re-paint or replace your siding, sprucing up your front door can distract people from the condition of your siding.
  • Consider adding architectural touches. Fiber crown mouldings and columns are actually inexpensive, and suppliers will install them for you.
  • Add potted plants and other decors. Adding plants is a fail-proof way of making a space appear livelier and more inviting.
Get Rid of Old and Dated Flooring

Wood flooring is good because it is timeless and it lends more warmth to a space. If you have wood flooring but it looks beat-up, you can try sanding it and then re-staining it. This will help in concealing the scratches. You can also use this opportunity to try a different wood floor stain – one that will work better with the aesthetic you are going for.

Got those big tiles that make your space feel like it is stuck in the 70s? Get rid of them. Tiles are less expensive than wood, but you can find good quality tiles with fresher designs these days. You can even find tiles that look like natural wood so if you are going for the look of wood, but you can’t afford it, tiles would be a great alternative.

Simply changing your old, broken, or beat-up flooring can instantly change the look and vibe of the space.

Change Your Lighting

Dated lighting can make your place look heavy. Go for more streamlined lighting pieces that can modernize the space you have. Install pendant light over island counters and choose statement lighting pieces for your dining and living area. Also consider adding recessed light to balance out the distribution of light in the space.

Additional Tip: Do some deep cleaning. Years of gunk can conceal the beauty of your space. Some cleaning and organizing can help reveal the beauty that is already in your space.  


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