Ways to Change Up Your Style

ways to change up your style

With the seasons changing, this can prompt many people to mix up their style and try something new. Although getting a winter coat and opting for some cozy cardigans are inevitable for most people, tweaking your style can give you that extra boost of energy now that the days are getting shorter. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or buy designer brands to look fresh, there are lots of ways to feel good about yourself. Trying out something new could surprise you and you might fall for something you never thought you would like. Check out some of these ideas, and let your style develop and change into something new.


This can come from so many places and is great for pulling ideas on what you want to try out. There are endless accounts on Instagram or Tumblr for inspiration, and you will be able to see really different and interesting styles other than high street. It can also be refreshing to look at fashion without people trying to sell you things, making their style more organic. Get the latest fashion trends wherever you can find them, whether that’s past or present, your own town or the other side of the world. Whatever your source of inspiration, from magazines, your favorite celebrity or online, get inspired before you decide to change your style. Knowing the look you want, or what items you want, can make shopping a lot easier.


This can totally change a look, or create a whole new one, without buying a whole new outfit. A different bag can make that dress look super formal, or another bag might mean it looks perfect for an afternoon in a coffee shop. Trying out different earings, some new rings, a statement or more low key necklace than you’re used to, can change your look completely. Shopping for accessories can be just as fun, and is far more applicable to online shopping. Unlike clothes, you don’t need to try your new bag on, which means less sending items back, or it can make a quicker shopping trip.

Cleanse Your Closet

Before you go out and buy new clothes, it’s a good idea to get rid of the ones you don’t wear. Everyone has clothes that they rarely ever wear, and we are always reluctant to get rid of them. Getting rid of old clothes, giving the away, or donating them, all have their benefits though. There is the feel good factor, as well as knowing you have made space to go out and buy things that suit your new style. Getting rid of your old clothes and your old style, is getting rid of the old you. Making way for you new style, means the new you will be sure to follow very soon.

Those are some tips for changing your style. In short, get rid of old things before you buy new ones, and remember to be inspired. There are so many places to find inspirations, find a style that fits you! 


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