Do You Like to Be By the Sea? Waterfront Property Design Tips

Frequenting the sea is a luxury that the majority cannot afford. Generally, most of the population will only get to test the waters and plunge into salty waters for a swim on holiday. But for the lucky few, there are astounding seafront properties that grant you an incomparable view of the deep blue every time you look out of your window. So, if you’ve managed to land a waterfront property, you’re going to want to make the most of it! Here are a few different property design tips for those with a taste for seaside living.

Large Windows

You’re bound to have an astounding view. So make the most of it! Have ceiling to floor windows fitted in ground floor rooms on the side of your property that faces out towards the sea. This will allow you to take in the sweeping landscapes and make the most of what’s literally right in front of you. Alternatively, try out large French doors that can slide open in a concertina manner. This way you can open the property up on milder or warmer days, letting the sea breeze in. These types of designs will also have the benefit of flooding your interiors with natural light, which is always refreshing.

A Dock

Living beside the sea gives you the opportunity to invest your time and cash in water-based hobbies, such as boating, surfing, and diving. Often, you’re at a huge advantage if you don’t have to start at the shore and can head straight into the deep. This is when a dock becomes a must-have. This is also an absolute essential if you’re going to want to moor up any boats outside your property. Rather than going for a run of the mill option, collaborate with a specialist dock builder. This will give you the freedom to design something that suits your wants and needs perfectly. Remember to take brand reputation seriously. If you’re going to invest a lot of money into a project, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality service and final product possible. Read recommendations and reviews from previous clients and never be afraid to request to see qualifications or certifications.

Exterior Paint

If your building has plastered walls on the exterior, you can make them pretty and quaint by opting for a pastel tone. Find a good quality outdoor paint and call in the help of the professionals. You may be able to do an okay job on the lower parts of the property, but you will struggle when it comes to upper floors. Professional painters will have the equipment and expertise necessary to complete the job to a high standard. It’s bound to be much more even than a DIY job. Consider baby pinks, duck egg blues, custard yellows, or sage greens. Alternatively, you can keep things traditional with cream, then add a touch of color with your doors and window frames.

Your stunning home will be the talk of the town in no time! So, start planning and making improvements now!

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