Want Great Skin? Then You Need To Avoid…

Want Great Skin? Avoid This

Given the size of the skincare industry, it is fair to assume that the quest for great skin is ever on going. We all love the feeling of indulging ourselves with the latest products, studying the results of a great facial in the mirror, and watching our makeup glide effortlessly into place on a perfectly smooth canvas.

If you have read the above and found yourself nodding along in agreement, then you will know the ups and downs of caring for your skin. The ups that occur on a good day, when your skin looks flawless and you can go foundation free, bring a natural smile to your face. The downs… well, they’re rough, the days when you look in the mirror and wonder why your skin suddenly seems to have aged five years overnight.

While the lotions that you use and the serums that you dab into place do their job, there are a few behaviors that no skincare regime can solve. If you want your skin to be as good as it can possibly be, then you’re going to need to avoid the following.


It’s easy to love the effect of exfoliation. Your skin feels better to the touch; it looks better in the mirror and you just somehow feel cleaner.

However, over-exfoliation can damage your skin to the point that you experience excessive sensitivity and discomfort. There’s a useful rundown of all the signs of over-exfoliation at https://www.liveabout.com/are-you-over-exfoliating-your-skin-2442910, so if you recognize any of these, it’s time to switch to a gentle cleanser and give your skin the time to recover.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You probably spent a lot of time and money on your sleeping arrangements. You went to the trouble of finding a bed frame you liked, made the effort of consulting the likes of https://www.mattress-guides.net/top-mattresses-any-budget-low-mid-high-price/ before buying your mattress, and you diligently wash the sheets and plump the pillows. However, all of that effort effectively goes to waste if you don’t actually sleep for an adequate amount of time!

It isn’t just your health that can be impacted by poor sleep patterns; your skin will begin to show signs of a lack of rest, too. Those late nights and early mornings can really add up, so in tribute to both your skin and the effort that went into your bed purchase, make sure you catch enough Zs a few times a week.

Skipping SPF

Even when the skies are cloudy and rain is falling, you need to wear SPF. This is especially important if you use acids, such as glycolic acid, as part of your skincare regime– as acid treatments tend to make skin more photosensitive.

There are some great facial SPFs that can be worn over skincare products and underneath makeup, so try to integrate this step into your routine throughout the year. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and premature aging, so SPF is a must if you wish to avoid these issues.

By avoiding the above, you can be sure that you will always be able to put your best face forward. Enjoy!


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