Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

This past Saturday, I attended the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. While it was the 9th annual VC Polo Classic, it was my first time attending. And boy, was it quite the experience. The polo match took place in Liberty State Park, a park I stare at every morning when I open up my shades. None the less it took nearly 2 hours to get there. Droves, upon droves, upon droves of the BEST dressed New Yorkers I have ever seen were all eager to attend the match as well. The ferry line at Battery Park stretched for three hours! Three hours of these gorgeous men and women in the beautiful suits and sundresses (and heels) were patiently waiting to board the 20 minute incremented ferries. Sweat dripped down every well-groomed neck and back. But no one batted an eye. They were troopers, determined to get over to the Park and enjoy the game.

Luckily my fellow blogger Gina from What The Doost, and I had a Rosé Garden ticket that allowed us to skip the line. The reason it took 2 hours was the walk to battery park, the wait for the next ferry (comes every twenty minutes) and the little bit of boat traffic that we experience while on the ferry. My recommendation for commuters to the Polo Match next year is to either get the early access tickets, go super early and bring tons of water and flat shoes, or head to New Jersey and uber it from the Path train. It would have probably cost $25-30, but worth the time you save. You can always take the ferry back, which is a much shorter wait.

Once we arrived we walked towards the venue, which was a 20-minute walk. They did prepare us for this stretch so we knew what we were in for. To me, I kept enjoying the views and what everyone was wearing. I knew Zara was doing well in the market, but I didn’t realize how well until I saw nearly their whole Spring line parading around the fields. It was incredible to observe! What I have been reading for months in articles, playing out before my very eyes.

There were other stunning attires. Each person put their individual twist to classic polo. I will share some of my favorites below.

The match itself was more invigorating and fun to watch than I had thought. It was face paced, very high brow, and yet exciting to see these huge animals dominate the field. Many attendees were loyal polo-goers. They understood the rules of the game, the ponies, and the players. I watched the match will viewing men in linen suits carrying their women’s purses and picnic baskets. Women in modest dresses and umbrellas. It almost felt we had stepped back in time to the 1920’s.

The Rosé Garden tickets came with one bottle of champagne and a gourmet boxed lunch. You guys, they had a Vegan option! My friend Gina went out of her way to get her hands on a Vegan lunch box while I locked down our seats. I am so grateful she did because it was the best boxed lunch I’ve ever had!

Overall, it was a very luxurious and beautiful event to attend if you have the chance. From the guests we spoke with, they all mentioned the same thing, “If you really want a great experience, you have to be in the Rose Garden.”

VC Polo Classic
Photo by Gina Doost from What the Doost?!

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I want to thank The Ambitionista, Blogger Babes and PR Vein for this opportunity.


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