9 Vegan Handbags To Die For

At this point, it comes at no surprise to announce I have a handbag addiction. Similar to potato chips, it is the one piece in my wardrobe that I simply cannot have enough of. Some people are more shoe fanatics, but I long for the beautifully sculpted, typically designer, uberly beautiful handbag. Why? Becuase it is easiest to try on, and adds a plethora of personality without batting an eyelash.

When I went Vegan, I wanted to research what type of purse I can invest in. Low and behold, I found a vault of amazing designers that specialize in animal-friendly handbags. And I guarantee they are prettier than the handbag you are wearing now. Take a look at these Vegan Handbags!

Vegan Leather Handbags



Click on the number associated with the bag to find out more info such as where to buy, brand, and cost!

(Photo via Canva Designs)


  1. Wow dear that is so nice of you to share! Since going on a non-meat diet (veggie), the scent of leather bag scares me. Plus, buying polyester wears out easily therefore the dilemma of what to get! Shall check these out 🙂 By the way , cosstore.com akes stylish fake leather bags too, definitely checkout.

    Happy Thursday Ellese x

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

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