Trending: Bow Tie Power

This is one trend I can really get into. I love bows, but not the uber feminine, doll type bows. More the I-am-killing-you-softly-with-this-bow. A loose knotted bow is both super chic and powerful. Plus it will elevate any outfit quickly. My person favorites are thin black ribbon ties loosely around the collar of a white button down.  My other favorite is a thick silk bow tie along a collar of a blouse in the same color. I know, I know they are the two extremes of the trend! The dainty thin black tie is modest while the thick silk bow is a declaration.

Blouses are not the only place we will find these loosely done bows. We will see them as hair accessories as well. Remember when you were a little girl and had bows in your hair? Kind of like that but a lot chicer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.27.21 PM

What do you think? Are you a bow girl?


  1. Yessss to killing you softly with those bow 😉 I love the idea of a bow-blouse under a moto jacket. Also that proenza top is another killer option!


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