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Chloe Nile bag

There have been a few new accessories that have been trending lately amongst the blogging community. The biggest one has been these Zara pearl sandals. I mean they are so cute, they’re pretty hard to resist. I was scrolling through my IG feed and saw Courtney Kerr wearing a very similar pair but half the price! I starting shopping for other alternatives when I saw several pieces that look identical and for a more affordable price. (though $50 for a pair of sandals are pretty reasonable).

The other big trending accessory that I started noticing grace Instagram is the new Chloe Nile bag. Chloe is infamous at this point for designing handbags that are immediately a hit. They do not disappoint with their unique shape. The round bracelet handle sets it apart from anything I have seen recently. While walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City, I spotted Theory had designed a very similar handbag. Except practically a third of the price of the Chloe bag. With that, I knew I wanted to create this blog article sharing more affordable alternatives look to the trendiest designer accessories.

What are your opinions on buying accessories or products that look similar to designer accessories? Are you for it, or against it? From working in the fashion industry, I discovered that everyone copies one another. Big designers copy indie designers and low-end retail copies high-end retail. I remember working in menswear and we literally bought polos from our competitor to see how they were made and shipped them to manufacturers to copy the design. Legally as long as you change 20% of the design it is cleared and voided of copyright. But still… it is how do you feel about it?

Chloe Nile bag


Theory Whitney Bag| Cutout Design Sliders | Open Toe Faux Pearl Slide Sandals | Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Love Leather Crossbody Bag


Chloé Nile Bracelet Medium Shoulder Bag | Hermès Oran Sandals | Zara Pearly Strappy Sandals | Chanel  Quilted Purse


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


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