The Trendiest Fall Coat in 2017

Trendiest Fall Coat 2017

You know I love a good coat. In fact, it is one piece of item I collect each year. A great statement jacket will elevate any outfit. This seasons trendiest fall coat is super comfy and on my shopping list! I am excited to rock this trend, which is rare for me to say. I often ignore the trend and let it fizzle out, but this one I can totally get on board with. So what’s the trendiest fall coat?

Teddy Bear Coat

It is as cute and comfy as it sounds. It’s like wearing a giant stuffed animal on your body. I love it. This is perfect for fall when the weather is chilly but not yet below freezing. It is comfy and casual but would look nice with heels and skinny jeans. What do you think, would you rock this?

Trendiest Fall Coat

My Favorite Versions

I went on the hunt for different versions of the teddy bear jacket for those who are interested in trying the trend. The ones I found that I love, range in style as well as price. So make sure to click on the one you like to get all the information! Happy Fall!


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