Totally Underrated Places To Find Jewelry

underrated places to find jewelry

Accessories say a lot about a person, which is why it is important that each piece is personal and original. The problem with name brand stores is that they sell the same items in a similar style, making it hard to stray away from the latest trend. The only option is to go off the beaten track and search for jewelry in the places no one else will look. This ensures everything you own accessory-wise is unique and original. And every woman you see on the street won’t sport the same piece, which is comforting.

Of course, locating jewelry stores off the beaten track isn’t easy, which is where this article comes into play. Here are the weird and totally underrated places to find jewelry from rings to pendants.


Yep, the place you go to buy household items in bulk has an array of jewelry. And, it isn’t the cheap, tacky kind you tend to find at flea markets. This Roma designer jewelry Costco roadshow advert shows that some of the finest European pieces are available at your local store. All you have to do is check out the schedule and show up with an open mind and a working credit card. I personally have found some incredible diamond rings that are to die for at Costco. While you are there, you can stock up on the groceries, so it’s a win-win. 


It’s easy to see Etsy as an arts and crafts site and nothing else. Of course, the truth is that companies like this don’t rely on one form of revenue. To make the big bucks, they venture into as many fields as possible, fashion included. Therefore, it isn’t rare to find a handmade ring which suits your style perfectly for half the price. Also, people sell old and retro items, making it an excellent place to shop if you are a vintage woman who wants to go back in time.

Never Liked It Anyway

As the name suggests, there are plenty of women with pieces that remind them of an ex. And, rather than wear it every day, they are willing to sell it and get it out of their life for good. Plus, it’s a savvy way to make a little bit of extra cash on the side. Buying another person’s engagement ring, for instance, may not appeal at first, but think about it logically. Lots of second-hand diamonds come from disgruntled homes, and that’s what makes them affordable! Don’t think of it as a cast-off but as a bargain begging to be bought.


Last but not least, eBay is the online auction site women need to consider before making a final decision. Sure, the idea of spending hundreds of dollars online is pretty scary, especially on eBay. But, let’s not forget that rules and regulations are in place to prevent fraud and unhappy customers. The company will even refund if the seller suddenly goes MIA. Once that is out of the way, it’s a fantastic place to shop for jewelry because it has a variety of styles and trends. Of course, most of the items are used so that makes them more affordable too.

If you want generic, the high street is best. If you want to be different, you need to think outside of the box. I hope these ideas help!

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