Top 5 Sweatshirt Brands I Can’t Live Without

Top 5 Sweatshirt Brands I Can't Live Without

A little well known fact about myself is that I am obsessed with sweatshirts. I tell friends all the time, if it was socially acceptable to wear sweats all the time I would. I’ve even contemplating designing my own line of sweatshirts out of the love and obsession I have for them.

So investing in beautiful, soft, well designed sweatshirts and sweatpants is my specialty. Here are the top 5 sweatshirt brands I can’t live without:

Aviator Nation

Known for their handmade hoodies that are inspired by the 70’s Southern California vibes, Aviation Nation is one of my favorite sweatshirt brands. Simple yet cool looking designs are my go to when collecting new pieces. When they are slightly distressed, it makes it even better!

Cotton Citizen

Bright pops of colors and unique washes is what Cotton Citizen is all about! These beautiful sweatshirts are hand dyed in Los Angeles in order to ensure each piece’s longevity. I do notice how high quality sweatshirt will last decades longer than a cheap sweatshirt.

Free City

This was the brand that introduced me to high-end and high-quality sweatshirts and sweatpants. The days of Nicole Richie rocking Free City may be long gone, but I am still obsessed with this brand. Super soft and comfortable with the cutest saying on the back, what’s not to love?

Spiritual Gangster

The name alone is so fun. This yoga inspired sweatshirt brand is minimalist in design with settle reminders of peace and namaste. Plus the material they use is like a big hug! So embrace your edgy softer side with these beautiful pieces from Spiritual Gangster.


Based in NYC, this newbie is killing it with street wear designs using sweatshirt materials! Wesley is known for their over-sized, slouchy look, with a fun drawstring. I also am in love with the race striped sweatpants. I’m excited to watch this new brand grow in the upcoming year.

What’s your favorite lounge wear? Do you have a sweatshirt brand you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!


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