Three Tips for Layering Fragrances

4 perfect summer perfumes

One day, I was testing several different perfumes to find the four perfect fragrances for summer. I test sprayed close to 8 perfumes on my wrists, elbows, and neck. I had a full day of writing and a meeting in the evening so I didn’t have time to shower off. But I noticed something. I loved the way all the fragrances came together!

I knew Louis Vuitton had a collection of perfumes that are meant to be layered, which got me thinking. Why not layer my own fragrances! Here are a few tips I have found useful when pairing scents

Two Florals Make a Right

I noticed the floral notes work well together and when pairing, creates an even more intricate scent. I loved Aerin’s Ikat Jasmin with Lilac Path. Try matching up to three floral scents you love. Start with a light base, then add a slightly more prominent fragrance.

One light, one Bold

Another way to layer perfumes is starting with a very light fragrance. Think of it as a base fragrance. It could have a linen tone, or floral. Then add a bold perfume such as Paris et Moi by Jafra that incorporate more spices or musk. It creates a really nice balance to the palate.

Mix on different body points

This is what really made a difference. Spray different scents on different points of your body. Oddly the perfume I sprayed behind my elbow is what I smelled throughout the day. Other points are your wrist, neck, and decolletage.

Have fun experimenting! Let me know what combinations you came up with and your favorite way to layer perfumes.

how to layer Perfume like a professional | Three Tips for Layering Fragrances
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