This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week

This Natural Product Line Changed My Skin In A Week Kiehl's Skincare line

I am very late to the game with this brand, but recently I tried Kiehl’s skincare line and wow the results were insane. I should mention, I tend to have dry skin with a bit of sun damage (wear your sunscreen people!). I have been skeptical by the cult brand for years, thinking it is too overpriced for what it was. But then, at the last place I stayed while traveling they had Kiehl’s products. From body scrub to moisturizers and toners. This is what I discovered after using the products for 10 days consistently.

Kiehl’s Skincare Line Review

There were three products I tried daily and noticed a miraculous difference in my skin quality from head to toe. The first being the Grapefruit body scrub. It is a gentle exfoliate that dramatically smoothed my skin, especially my legs. It also prevented ingrown hairs and bumps.

Next I really loved the Cactus Flower Tibetan Ginseng hydrating mist. It was the perfect way to keep my skin hydrated through the day, and I noticed that my skin reacted very well to the formula. It created a cooling effect while locking in moisture.

Lastly, the big game changer is their body lotion. The infamous body lotion completely hydrated my entire skin from head to toe. I notice that sun damage began to diminish with each use, and my skin plumped up. I am seriously obsessed with the formula and can’t wait to buy it once back home.

Shop The Kiehl’s Skincare Line Below

My top picks are right below! If any of them sound enticing to try, just click on the photo to shop. Let me know in the comments which formula you would like to try!


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