Things You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your Kitchen

Things You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your Kitchen

Let’s assume that your kitchen as all of the essentials in it such as a fridge, freezer, stove and worktops. You have all of these things, but you aren’t sure what else you need for your kitchen. Here are some ideas.


Your kitchen probably already has some cabinets, but are they good enough and would you like more space? You can modify your current cabinets so that they suit your purposes even better than they do now. This might mean moving a shelf around, so that tall items fit in better or perhaps dividing a drawer or shelf so that it is more useful. If you do a quick bit of Googling about what kind of thing you want to make better use of then, you will likely find plenty of articles and YouTube videos explaining how to do so. Alternatively, you might just need some additional cabinets or shelves. If you are struggling for pan space, then you might want to build a series of pan hooks for them to live on. Alternatively, you might want a small bookshelf for all your cookbooks. Or you might want to add a whole new cabinet in general. It is your kitchen so you can do what you want (please note that if you are renting, then this is sadly probably not an option).

Dining Table

If you don’t have the luxury of having a dining room, then you will probably want to have your dining table in your kitchen. It could go in your living room, but you want that room to be reserved for relaxing, and you don’t need spilled food ruining that. This means that you will want to ensure that you get a dining table fit for a kitchen. You’ll want to save on space as much as possible, so one of those sliding or folding tables could be a good idea. They can be smaller for a few people and grow much larger when needed. Somewhere like Joybird can create a custom table that fits your needs. If you have large enough work tops or an island in the kitchen, then you might not need a ‘proper’ table at all and can instead use this. You will need to get some tall chairs, but that shouldn’t be an issue.


So, you have all the furniture that you need, and you are happy with your cabinets and storage. What else could a good kitchen use? You likely already own a lot of kitchen appliances already, but if you don’t have things like a microwave, toaste,r and kettle, then these are some of the essential core bits of kitchen equipment that you should get. Other less essential but still useful items include a blender for soups, sauces and smoothies. You might also want to invest in a slow cooker. This excellent appliance lets you slowly cook a meal in the morning and leave it all day before eating in the evening. If you work a lot and struggle to find time to cook, then this could be the answer you have been waiting for.


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