These Coping Mechanisms May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Coping Mechanisms

Nowadays, we all need a coping mechanism or two. Long work hours and constant connectivity mean we’ll drive ourselves mad otherwise. We’d soon become anxious, overwhelmed, and generally unhappy. Instead, we focus on activities which help us switch off and stop worrying. All the better for wellness and staying sane in a crazy world.

Of course, the coping mechanisms we choose vary. For some of us, nothing beats yoga or meditation. Others turn to habits they know aren’t good for them, like drinking and smoking. Some of us,  though, use coping mechanisms which seem like they’re good for us while the opposite is true. Methods like these could be worsening your health from both a physical and mental standpoint. If you turn to any of the following to unwind, then, you might want to switch things up to ensure your habits are as healthy as you assume them to be.


Cleaning is a standard go-to for clearing our minds. There’s something meditative about the process. By the end of a good session, you’ll feel fresh and ready to face anything. But, many cleaning products don’t do any good for our health. This is especially the case if you turn to this method pretty often. Before you know it, you’ll be piling harmful chemicals upon harmful chemicals. With some people saying that products like these can be as bad as smoking twenty a day, this fast becomes a destructive way of coping. But, that doesn’t mean you need to go cold turkey. You simply need to switch from supermarket choices to a much safer cleaning product from Better Life or other companies like them. These natural cleaners could see you scrubbing those sides without ever seeing any negative results.

Lighting candles

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Who doesn’t love to light a candle when they get home after a hard day? The flickering flame and appealing aroma can seem like the ideal way to let go of the bad stuff. Again, though, standard candles bring plenty of bad things in themselves. This is because scented oils and chemicals can spell bad news indeed for health. Some studies even suggest that they can cause cancer. Don’t panic though; there are healthy alternatives here, too. By opting for natural soy candles, you can remove any risk. You could even reach for incense instead which will surely help with your meditation habit.

Taking bubble baths

A soak in the tub has to be the best coping mechanism of all. For the time you’re in the bath, nothing can bother you. You’ll feel all your worries washing away. Until that is, you consider that bubble bath also comes with plenty of risks. Again, strong artificial scents aren’t always best for our lungs. There’s also the worry that strong bath products can cause skin conditions. These can make us feel worse than ever. So, don’t fall foul here. Instead, turn to natural companies like Lush to ensure your soak is the relaxing break you so badly need it to be.

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