There Are No Shortcuts To Success

There Are No Shortcuts To Success

One of the greatest things that came from graduating college into a recession is it forced many of us to pursue our creative dreams from the get go. There weren’t many jobs, so we created our own. What I’ve seen along the way though are a lot of entrepreneurs who want success and want to take short cuts to get there. If there is one thing that I’ve learned in the last 6 years is that, there are no shortcuts to success.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

The biggest tip I can tell anyone who is starting a business or new chapter in life is, take your time. The beginning is the perfect time to do research, learn your audience, and cultivating an authentic community. It is so tempting to skip this step and go straight into pushing your product. Even along the way as you continue to learn more about your industry, or your craft, take time to watch videos, read articles that will help elevate your business. Even when it comes to becoming healthy or losing weight, slowly change your eating habits. Crash dieting is so sever and typically ends with failure, but slowly learning and cultivating a new lifestyle will last.

Taking your time at the beginning or along the way will save you so much money, energy, and time down the line. You won’t have to correct as many mistakes, or redo things because you were able to craft something beautiful that works in the first place.

There Are No Shortcuts To Success

One thing that isn’t talked about enough is how much hard work goes into becoming successful. It’s worth it and there’s nothing better than working on your own goals. However, it is 10 times harder to build a successful business from scratch than to work a 9-5 job. If you are passionate at what you are doing, then you’ll have the motivation and energy to get it done. But it you want overnight success, it’s not going to happen. It takes about 5 years at working on a project before it really takes off, and typically an additional 2 years before it becomes an entity that can run smoothly (has a system in place to run with less effort). You will be tested, and you’ll amaze yourself at how much you can accomplish if you decide to take the leap.

Don’t Fake It

The last advice I give anyone is, as tempting at it is, don’t fake success. Meaning, buying bots or likes to make it look like you have a larger following than you do is going to backfire eventually. It’s okay to be small! We all started somewhere and have all been a tiny brand before becoming huge. If you stay consistent, persistent, and don’t give up, you will get there! And in an authentic beautiful way.

Let me know what you are pursuing and what obstacles you are facing right now!

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  1. What a lovely read. Indeed, it reminds of the quote “there is no elevator for success, you have to take the stairs”
    If you want to succeed in life, you have to be willing to do the work. Thanks for sharing this dear!
    Jessica |

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