The US Launch of Kimoa With Fernando Alonso

fernando alonso at Kimoa Launch

Tuesday, May 30th I attended the US launch of the brand Kimoa. It was held at the Rivington Hotel’s  S’Zen Lounge in the lower east side. The clothing company is styled after Southern California and carried an easy-going beach vibe. There were screen printed tees, sweatshirts, and dresses for women. There were board shorts, tanks, tees for men. The fabrics were super soft and some laser burned for effect. The collection also includes surfboards, skateboards, and a few accessories. In fact,  a surfboard displayed the sunglasses and hat collections.

Fernando Alonso, formula one race car driver and 2017 Indy 500 rookie of the year, was there to share the collection with New York City. He spoke shortly and presented a film that not only showcased the clothing brand but also the meaning behind it. #NeverSurrender. The video shared the important journey we all face, which is face challenges, experience the best of times, and come out on top.

I personally love the sunglasses. I received a pair from the event and have been wearing them ever since. Already, I’ve received compliments, looks, and fun smiles from all age groups because of these sunglasses. They are lightweight and very reflective, I never have to squint even on the brightest of days. If this represents the rest of the collection’s quality and style, Kimoa has a very bright future ahead of it. You can shop the collection now, here!

Fernando Alonso Presenting Kimoa in New York City
Fernando Alonso Presenting Kimoa in New York City

Fernando Alonso at Kimoa Launch

Kimoa Launch Party

Kimoa Launch in NYC

Fernando Alonso looking through Kimoa Line

Images provided by AMP3 PR

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