The Two Pillars I live By

I recently wrote an article for a friend about following your dreams. Pursuing your passions. The moment I sat down and began typing words of inspirations I had acquired through the years, I was flooded with feelings. For me writing is the process of taking a moment to pause, think, reflect and compose a letter to my closest friends (you). When constructing the piece on following dreams, I was reminded of what life is about. At least how I see it, and what I believe it is. I live by two pillars.

First being life is meant to be lived. That means taking the plunge, jump into something new, and being adventurous. There is no time for fear, excuses, or regret. Not saying that makes life easier, quite the contrary, it is harder to live this way. It means constantly changing, going with the flow of life and not getting stuck in situations that are comfortably miserable (ie jobs, marriages, obligations).

But by taking risks, living passionately, it means more life experiences, more joy, more laughter, more memories. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, just let it go. Believe me, there is no point in holding on to fear of something happening when it hasn’t even happened yet. Most likely whatever you are worried about, won’t occur. And if it does, guess what? It is a new life experience!

The other pillar in which I live by is that all things come and all things go. I have watched money come and go then come back again. I have seen people come and people go, even feelings are fleeting. With the notion that nothing lasts forever, everything will come and everything will go it opened my mind to seeing the world in a different light. If I truly have nothing to lose, why not just go for it?

I have also watched as people waited for life to be perfect before giving it a try. News flash, life will never be perfect. No matter what kind of filter you put on it, there will never be a perfect moment to go for it. Never the perfect weight, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect opportunity. So begin now! Do it now!

This is your journey, this is your life. You are the writer. You are the only one living it. What do you want to do? What would you like to say you accomplish by the end?

There are moments when I need to sit and really think about that last point. I take a few days, heck a few weeks to really sit still and think about what I want out of life. How do I want to spend the bulk of my days? Who do I want to spend the bulk of my days with?

Overall, these are not easy concepts to digest. I understand. But what is worse: allowing life to pass by while you’re comfortably sitting on the sidelines too afraid to play and trying to control the outcome? Or jump in, make a ton of mistakes, have fun, do it imperfectly, and laugh your way through?

I encourage you to take a minute to be present in this very moment. Take a deep breath and really ask yourself- what is important in your life? What do you want to do here on this planet?

I’d love for you to write in the comments what you have been wanting to go for and what you will do to make those dreams a reality starting today. No matter how big or how small that desire is. It could be walking through the park to publishing a book. Let me know,  we can inspire each other!


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