The Shoe All The Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing

The Shoe All The Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing

Every once and awhile there is an “it” item that every fashion blogger gravitates towards. Last year it was this Chloe bag, this year it is a pair of shoes I would never have imagined to be popular. I am actually shocked how popular these shoes have become, mainly because there aren’t heels and they are sporty! Who would have thought?

The Shoe All The Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing

Widely viewed on Instagram as the hottest shoe of the moment, these Balenciaga sock sneakers are in high demand. They already sold out in black at Saks Fifth Avenue and have limited sizes left in white. Nordstrom reportedly has sold out of the shoes, and Neiman Marcus is carrying a similar Balenciaga style for $100 less.


So who is wearing these?

Marianna Hewitt recently posted about the shoe on her Instagram account to over 700K viewers. Both men and women have reportedly bought this particular style, and with new versions coming out soon don’t be surprised to find your neighbors rocking them.

Would I wear these?
Personally, I am gravitating more towards these sock boots. However, I could see how these would be cool if styled right. Also, to spend $700 on a sneaker, I would really need to love the shoe. If you aren’t crazy about dropping that much cash, yet still want to rock the shoe all the fashion bloggers are wearing, here are some alternative options:
Photo by Joe Beck on Unsplash


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