The Newest Technology Made By Google 

Today Google released the latest innovated technology that will soon hit the marketplace and our homes. I was invited as a Team Pixel Ambassador to attend the big announcement in person held at the Jazz Center in San Francisco. Here are all the details on what to expect next from Google.

To kick off the big announcement, I met the Google Team Pixel the night before at their San Francisco offices. I met other members from across the country and connected with familiar Pixel users.

The next day we hopped on the Google bus to the Jazz Center in Hayes Valley. Sitting in the auditorium we eagerly anticipated what will be announced. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, opened the presentation stating how AI + software + hardware will make technology more efficient and personalized.

Thereafter a new line of Google products were introduced. A variety of second-generation gadgets such as Pixel 2, Google Home now in a Mini, and upgraded version of the assistant. Then there were a plethora of new gear to hit this year. The Pixelbook, Pixelbook Pen, Clip, wireless earbuds, and Google Home Max which was built for music amplification.

Not only are there new devices (hardware), but also software that I am extremely excited for. Lens is an app with the ability to detect figures and compute information. For instance, if you take a photo of a tree, it will bring up the type of tree it is. Or say there is information on a piece of paper. Use lens to grab the email or phone number and begin contacting immediately without having to manually insert the information.

Google translator is now seamless with the new wireless earbuds. The technology is able to compute a language, translate it into your earbuds. Then the Pixel has the ability to translate your response back to the other party in their native language. This is every traveler’s dream.

Google also announced their collaboration with Nest for a more secure and time efficient home. Disney and Stranger Things are also collaborating with the mega-company.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to test out each product for ourselves. I tried the Pixelbook, Pen, and new VR headset. All are insanely user-friendly yet have endless possibilities. The whole point goes back to what Pichai stated, technology should work around the user not the user working around the devices.

Here are a few images from the day. I hope you enjoy! Thank you Google and Team Pixel for this incredible opportunity to attend.

Google Pixel new technology. Made by Google

Google Pixel new technology. Made by Google

Sundar Pichai
CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai

Google Pixel newest technology


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