My Experience At The Millennials Kyoto

The Millennials Kyoto Review

I took a weekend trip to Kyoto and it blew my mind. I had no idea what to expect when arriving by the Nozomi bullet train. I really didn’t think I would have loved it as much as I did. There is so much to see and do in the cute city. There is so much natural beauty to the town. I also know part of the reason I loved it so much, was my experience at the Millennials in Kyoto. This is not sponsored btw, this is my honest review and support to a company who is doing something awesome.

When looking for a place to stay in Kyoto, I realized quickly that it is more expensive than what I had planned on spending. Majority of the reason is that I was traveling on a weekend. I opted to search for a capsule in the area. I stumbled upon The Millennials Kyoto capsule hotel. I instantly fell in love with the bed. It is so much bigger than other locations and you can adjust it with a remote control. I also loved the vibes that came across in the photos. It reminded me of a WeWorks and a hotel. The price was close to $100 for the weekend and went down significantly for the weekdays (I think close to $56). I was sold though. It was half the price of any hotel in the area, and looked so much better than any other capsule. Plus it is located right in the middle of town.

The Millennials Kyoto
Morning coffee at The Millennials Kyoto! Unlimited coffee, tea and hot cocoa made this place spectacular.
What It Was Like

Arriving, I was greeted by a large lobby that is very inviting and perfectly designed. There was a personal touch in every detail. Like I mentioned, It looks like a WeWork with plenty of space to bring your laptop and relax after a long day. There is also a working kitchen with all the coffee, tea, and hot chocolate you can drink. There is even a quiet area and phone booths to make calls.

The check in process was simple as I pre-booked using Orbitz. I watched a mini video that explains the capsule hotel and how it works. I was gifted a mini beauty kit with a toothbrush, tissues, comb, and slippers. I then received an ipod that is used to control the fan, lights, bed, as well as my key in and out of the capsule. The only thing is you have to remember to carry and extra ipod with you while you go out. I didn’t mind, but it does take up space.

The Room

I booked a capsul on the women’s only floor. Arriving on my floor, I used my ipod to unlock the door into the capsules. It is an added level of security that I loved. Once inside, I walked to my room number. I was impressed by how beautiful and clean the room looked! There is a roller platform under the bed that makes it easy to store luggage. There is also a shelf above the bed, and a few hangers that I used for my coat and purse. Lastly, a blackout screen can be pulled down for privacy and pitch-black sleep time! I booked three nights but ended staying for 4 nights, so I unpacked my bags and made myself very comfortable. There are plenty of outlets to charge all my devices while I slept, this was a HUGE bonus.

The toilets and the showers are located on the same floor as the pods, making it convenient. Everything was super clean at all times. They even had a washer and drying in the shower area. I was considering doing my laundry there, but waited a bit longer.

The Millennials Kyoto
The hallway in the sleeping area.

The Millennials Kyoto. Full Review

Made myself very much at home
The Millennials Kyoto. Full Review
The showers were always kept clean.

The Millennials Kyoto
The alarm clock that will wake you up not your neighbors!
My Experience

I absolutely fell in love with the whole facility. Everyone was friendly and took care of any questions I had. They made it simple to book another night and remain in the same pod. I loved that there was breakfast provided each morning. It was a great way to start the day and meet other people. At night they similarly had a happy hour which consisted of a free round of beer. It created an open and nice environment. As a solo traveler, I thoroughly enjoyed coming back to an inviting room of other travelers after a long day exploring. Other people regularly had dinner there, which made it feel nice when I brought food to eat as well.

As for the pod, it couldn’t have been more my style. It was super comfy and quiet. I slept so soundly at this capsule hotel. I would pass out and not wake up once. The bed and pillows are comfortable and large enough to move around. The blackout shade was a nice added touch!

The Millennials Kyoto
The lobby and lounge where you can work
Fully stocked kitchen at your disposal. This truly came in hand.
The Millennials Kyoto
You can rent bikes for day.
Overall Thoughts

I ended up booking an additional night there and I am so glad I did. I kind of wish I had stayed there even longer! It just felt like home, and what better feeling when you are traveling on the other side of the world. I cannot wait to go back!


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