The Jobs That Will Ruin Your Nails

The Jobs That Will Ruin Your Nails

It’s been a long time coming, but you finally got that appointment at the Glam Nails bar. It took a couple of hours, but you’re delighted with the result. They’ve never looked longer, stronger, or more glam! The girls in the office are going to be jealous, and you’re going to look fabulous for your date at the weekend. At least, your nails would still be looking glam at the end of the working week if you didn’t have to deal with these nail-breaking jobs first:


It’s your turn to bring in the ‘healthy’ muffins for ‘forget-the-diet’ Friday. The trouble is, your home baked muffin recipe has become the stuff of legend. All the guys and gals at the office are expecting you to produce the moistest, softest, and most delicious muffins they’ve ever tasted. But getting your hands into the mixing bowl and covered in sticky mix is going to wreck your nails! Dare you cheat and buy the muffins to preserve those ten beauties you invested so heavily in?

Unclogging The Bath Drain

You’re stood in the bath having a shower, but it’s quickly becoming a tub full. You’ve got no chance of rinsing your hair unless you dig deep into that bath drain and unclog all the soap, hair, and goodness-knows-what-else is lurking in there. If you just had enough time to call Maplewood Plumbing you could be spared the horror of disgusting shower drain. The trick is to get to these yucky tasks before they become a big job problem that will wreck your nails!

Stuffing Envelopes In The Office

How did you forget the seasonal mailer? Everybody has to stuff one hundred envelopes to get them all out on time and on budget. But you went out for your glam nails at the wrong end of the week. Still, you’re looking fabulous today. No amount of fumbling around with folded paper and awkward envelope flaps is going to take that away from you.

Sewing That Button Back On

A needle and thread are a challenge at any time. But when you have nails longer than the needle, it becomes almost impossible. The trouble is, you’re at work, and your pencil skirt button has popped off. There’s no hiding it, and no getting away from the task at hand. Unless, of course, you’ve got a spare office glam outfit hanging up in a locker somewhere?

Changing A Tire

This is the job that will destroy a good set of nails in under thirty seconds. Chances are it will ruin your entire office outfit. It’s dirty, it’s oily, it’s big and heavy, and you’re not going to admit defeat! Grab that car jack and start turning. Next comes the tire iron to get those bolts off. So far so good. Now comes the real challenge – getting the wheel off without losing your nails and your dignity!

Glam nails look amazing, and they’re worth every penny. Just be sure to time your appointment right! Do you have any new nail disaster stories? 


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