A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites

A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites

I recently visited Porto, Portugal. Upon arrival, I wasn’t sure what to expect, except good wines and breathtaking views. While strolling through the district of wine caves, I stumbled upon the brand new The House of Sandeman Hostel and Suites. I asked my friend if I could go in to take a look. We walked up two flights of stairs and was impressed by the refined decor and friendly staff.

I instantly knew I had to stay here. I booked two nights on the spot for the following Monday and Tuesday. The total cost was 28 Euros, which included a two-night stay and breakfast each day. That’s $32 for all my friends in the States. I think this is by far the best deal I have encountered in the last three months of traveling. Here is the breakdown of the hostel and suites for those who are looking for accommodations while in Porto.

The Suite

When I returned Monday to check in, there happened to be a mistake with my booking. Granted they have only been open for three weeks, it’s understandable they are still working out a few kinks. So I was upgraded free of charge to the Suite. It would typically cost around $150- $200 a night, and again includes breakfast.

The Suite was large in size with high ceilings and massive windows overlooking the port. There is a desk, a safe, a few chairs to lounge on. I love that I had a private bath, stocked with the best smelling soaps. The beds and pillows were insanely comfortable. The perfect touch was the record player and vinyl they had in the room.

The one thing to note is that a few of the suites do look over the port. While it provides beautiful views, there is a bit of noise. Luckily around 9pm, shops begin to close and there is less foot traffic.

A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites

The Hostel

I was shocked how massive the dorm rooms where. It fits 14 beds staggered up and down like wine barrels. There is plenty of room to reorganize your bags, do cartwheels, lay down, and still not interfere your neighbor’s space. There are outlets and individual lights by each bed. And again, the pillows, linens, towels are complimentary and very comfortable.

There are four private bathrooms with showers to share amongst the 14 in the room. The bathrooms are seperate by another room to create a quieter environment for sleeping. The bathrooms are once again massive and feels so luxurious to spread out to get ready. There is little wait time since there are enough shower rooms for everyone. There’s additional bathrooms by the reception just in case though.

The dorms faced the opposite side of the port and are super quiet. Overall, I felt very relaxed and comfortable there. I wish I had a few extra days to just chill.


The biggest perk was the breakfast included. It was a full spread of fruit, breads, cheeses and meat. I don’t eat meat, and asked the second day to not include it on my plate, and they happily obliged. Orange juice, water, coffee, and teas are also available. You can also order eggs how you like it for an additional 2 euro ( $2.33). Such a delicious way to start the day.

A Review Of The House Of Sandeman Hostel And Suites


This is one of the best hostels and suites I have stayed at during my three month travels. I love the decor, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The rooms are large and luxurious, and the amenities are perfect.

I would recommending booking with them online or in person for the best value. Also, note that you will have to carry your luggage up the stairs since there isn’t an elevator. They are still adding the finishing touches to the location, so there is a bit of construction (not noise though).

Let me know in the comments if this is a place you would stay at!


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