The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019

The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019

Jeans are the foundation of any good outfit. I typically style my looks around the denims I’ll be wearing that day. In the last few years, high waisted jeans have become my go-tos. I love the fit and feel of wearing them, and never have to worry about those embarrassing moments of bending down and flashing the entire room, like hiya I’m here!

I’ve tried several different brands, and gathered my absolute favorite high waisted jeans for Spring 2019. I divided each pick into three categories: skinny, straight legged, and wide legged jeans. These are my top picks based on style, fit, comfort, and price. If you tried any of these brands, let me know in the comments your thoughts!

The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
The Best High Waisted Jeans For Spring 2019
Skinny Jeans

For high waisted skinny jeans, my favorite brand is Good American. I find that their fit is particularly flattering on my curves with a waistband that guarantees no gap. That’s right, ladies, belts can now just be accessories and necessities. To me this is a big deal as I have always had the challenge of finding something that fits both my waist and my curves. Good American high waisted jeans have a signature four-piece gap-proof waistband that make sure it stays close to your backside.

Straight Leg

If you want a little more wiggle room, try these high waisted straight legged jeans from Reformation. Maybe it’s me, but these are the classic denims I grew up on. They are effortlessly cool and easy to style. Again with the high waist, it makes these jeans easy to match with cropped tees or cropped sweaters for a perfect Spring outfit. Reformation jeans are now available at Nordstrom as well.

Wide Leg

Dare to go wide? Then high waisted wide legged pants from Urban Outfitters are just the thing. I love how bold these make your entire outfit without doing too much styling. I’d recommend pairing the jeans with a bodysuit or a slimming top to balance the proportions. These are perfect for warmer days where you don’t want something too tight against your skin.

Which high waisted jeans are you likely to rock this Spring 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This guide was so helpful for finding the best of each kind of jeans! I can never fine ones that I absolutely love, so I’m exciting to try out Good American. Thanks!

  2. I’m trying to get back into the high-waisted jeans. I’ve always had the problem of jeans fitting in the hips but not the waist and vice-versa (so I know what you mean about a belt being a necessity in those cases rather than an accessory). I loved it when the waistlines started going lower because they fit my hips so well. I’ll have to have a look at the Good American jeans (I’ve never heard of them before). I agree with styling your outfit around your jeans. I definitely decide on my shirt and shoes based on what jeans I feel like wearing that day.


  3. Jeans that fit properly are so hard to find! I love high waisted skinny jeans that actually fit in the right places and make me feel comfortable! I will definitely be trying these brands!

  4. It looks like the skinny jean movement is here to stay. Those are the only jeans my sister buys, so she is definitely on board!

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