Tarte Friends And Family Sale! Time To Stock Up On These Favorites

Tarte Sale

Tarte announced this morning that they are having their Friends and Family Sale! Meaning, 25% off almost everything online is happening right now! What better time to stock up on all the favorite beauty products?

I have been an avid Tarte fan for years. About 6 years ago is when I made the switch from Neutrogena foundation to Tarte. At the time they only had seven shades! Now they have 23 shades and several different types of foundations. I made the switch after realizing the importance of having all natural, paraben free makeup (you can read about it here). Which Tarte supplies, plus it is cruelty-free!

For their big sale, I rounded up my top picks. I still wear their foundation in light sand (in fact it has been the only foundation I’ve worn in the last 6 years). I also am obsessed with the Park Avenue Princess bronzer, and their palette “in bloom“. Though the makeup is a bit pricey, they last for a really long time. It takes me about 6 months to go through a foundation, and close to a year for the palettes. I use every last drop as well. Nothing is wasted!

For skincare, I love Tartegaurd sunscreen. It is the only sunscreen I use on my face and neck. I also love the maracuja C-brighter eye cream. It is super hydrating and I can feel the difference when I use the cream.

Other favorites are the Gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara. It was the first mascara I found that didn’t irritate my eyes. I also loved how the mascara elongates my lashes. Their lippies are so fun and beautiful! I am pretty sure I own close to 15 lip tints. Lastly, the Amazonian clay blushes are great for adding a bit of color to your cheeks without going overboard.

I hope this helps! These are all my favorite pieces from Tarte. I’ve tried quite a bit and keep coming back, restocking, hoarding, and using these top picks. Feel free to shop below. If you have any Tarte recommendations, feel free to leave it in the comments to help other readers!

Click Image to Shop. Use discount code: PARTY for 25% off!


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