Sydney Fashion Week Beauty Picks

Sydney Fashion Week Beauty Trends


After the latest Sydney Fashion Week, it’s becoming obvious that Australia is becoming a powerful force in the world of fashion. The unique style of Aussie men and women drew the attention of the crowds as they walked down the runway, showing off their boldness and incredible sense of style. We were thrilled to see so many chic looks as they left us all captivated and inspired with their remarkable new ideas that we’ll definitely incorporate into our own beauty routines. Here are some of the most interesting and frequently seen beauty trends from the runway.

Natural brows

Natural Brows Sydney Fashion Week


2016 was great in a lot of ways, and it was marked by bold, dark eyebrows. This year, we’re still keeping with the thick eyebrow look, but this time instead of heavy caterpillars, a more natural look is in. Designers such as Alice McCall and Strateas Carlucci opted for it in their fashion shows: gently filled in brows that are combed slightly upwards give you a softer, more effortless kind of look. Grabbing a lighter eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparseness and using a simple spoolie brush will accomplish this in a few easy steps.

A soft glow

soft glow Sydney Fashion Week Beauty Trends


Heavy contouring trend led by the Kardashian sisters from last year is winding down as it’s simply not a very practical look. Luckily, there’s still fun to be had with our makeup as the runway was filled with models sporting softly highlighted cheekbones and the incredible glossy looks that left us breathless. Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis even combined it with the white eye paint. This beautiful, dewy look is easy to accomplish for Australian women who are known for their skin care routines. Before you use any highlighter on your face, it’s important to first make sure it’s clean, healthy and blemish-free. Finding quality skin care products can help you achieve a natural beauty that’s a good base for this look. Otherwise, you’ll just be highlighting your flaws and you probably don’t want that.

Smokey eye

smokey eye Syndey Fashion Week Beauty trend


The classic smoky eye is making a comeback, this time with a little twist. Instead of regular grey and black, there were a lot of soft bronze tones that graced the eyes of beautiful models. This is a good way to bring focus to your eyes without making them look too heavy, and the bronze shades will give your face that bright warmth that looks good on just about anyone.

Center part and fringe


This year is all about strong shapes, fringes and bobs, and we’re keeping the hair parted in the middle to give it that sharp, yet natural look. Try a French fringe for that chic style that will make you look effortlessly beautiful and trendy.

Dramatic flick

Dramatic winged eye at Sydney Fashion Week


Clear, dramatic eyeliner is all the rage again, and this is always a good look for all your parties and evening wear. A cat eye is such a staple in the beauty world because it’s a very iconic look that not everyone knows how to pull off. If you’re worried that winged eyeliner will eat up your time, don’t worry. It doesn’t actually take that long to apply once you’ve had some practice, and since it’s such a bold look, you don’t need much else to make it work. Bec & Bridge at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia even opted for blue version of it.

Wet hair look

wet hair look sydney fashion week


The dramatic, wet look is the perfect way to bring glamour to your hair. While this isn’t recommended for your everyday style, it’s the perfect beauty statement for the night out. Slicked back or twisted up into a knot, using gel and hair oils can help you achieve this look with ease. Keep in mind that this doesn’t look great on thin, lifeless hair, so keeping your strands healthy should be your primary concern. You want to nourish your hair and make sure it’s always lush. That way any kind of style or trend can look great on you, and the models on the Steven Khalil fashion show really rocked it.

Our Australian sisters seem to definitely know a thing or two about style, so while you’re picking out your outfits, makeup and haircuts, take a look at what they’re doing for some inspiration. This year is about playing with colors and highlighting your natural features, so take care of yourself and you’ll always look great.


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