Summer Style Party With Banana Republic

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Recently, I was invited to Banana Republic to host a style party! A group of amazing influencers along with myself modeled beautiful summer styles. The party took place at the Fifth Avenue location of Banana Republic here in New York City. I had so much fun and wanted to share with all of you what the event was like!

The Setup

I modeled two looks and shared my tips on what to wear for Spring and Summer using the beautiful pieces by Banana Republic. My first look was along the lines of business casual, with pearl studded jeans and a colorful blazer. The second look was a gorgeous one shoulder ruffled maxi dress. I love both styles and felt so comfortable in the pieces. I think that’s what I love most about Banana Republic’s clothing, they are made extremely well and are very comfortable to wear.

My Banana Republic Summer Style Picks

After modeling the clothes, I picked out my top looks and trends to follow for Summer. The stripe trend is the biggest one and the one I highly recommend to anyone. You can read my tips on how to wear stripes to flatter your figure here.

I also really love the embellished jeans, off the shoulder details and all white looks. Those are my favorite styles for summer.

Menswear Picks

I had a fellow influencer, Khalid Briggs, help pick out one of his favorite menswear style that can be worn through the season. He chose a fun, gray, plaid slack. I thought they looked very flattering and agreed with his choice!

Take a look at the video below for the full experience!

A few photos from the event

Banana Republic Summer StylesBanana Republic Summer StylesBanana Republic Summer Styles Banana Republic Summer StylesBanana Republic Summer StylesBanana Republic Summer Styles Banana Republic Summer Styles

Special Thank you To Banana Republic Fifth Avenue (downtown)

Stylist: Christian Riley

Hair and Makeup: Anamar Glam

Fellow Models & Influencers: Khalid Briggs, Bryan Salvadore, Monica Rose, Micaéla Verrelien, and Yoel.

Shop The Looks:


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