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Last night I went to the Plan de Ville showroom in Manhattan. It is a very cute, all white room with racks of beautifully curated pieces. I felt as if I had walked into my dream closet. Catherine Smith, the founder and fashion director of Plan de Ville, was one of the first people to greet me at the door. It was the most genuine hellos I’ve had in a while. In such a busy fast past industry, I felt I was really appreciated being and acknowledge.

Catherine brought me through the showroom and answered several of my awe-inspired questions. Like what is the number one piece every woman should own. Her answer- a bodysuit! I couldn’t agree more. She then pulled this lace, bell sleeved bodysuit that was to die for.

I met the other members of the Plan de Ville team, each one just as sweet and genuinely happy to help answer questions. I quickly discovered how there is a limited inventory of each piece, making it more likely that no one will be wearing what you are wearing. I loved that! I also learned that Catherine plays a huge mentoring role in helping emerging designers by providing feedback on quality, hosting a platform for new designers to be seen, and even brokering deals. Seriously! Who does that in this industry? When you head to the Plan de Ville website, under each piece, there is a mini bio of the designer. It is a nice touch to create a very intimate shopping experience.

Overall, the  energetic atmosphere was contagious. I left wanting to learn more, see more, and hopefully come back soon. Which by the way, the last piece I learned is that Plan de Ville is rolling out style sessions just in time for the holiday season! For more info, contact here!

It is refreshing to know there are amazing people like the team at Plan de Ville still in this industry. Women who really want other women to look and feel their best while at the same time willing to help other businesses.

Plan de ville style session

Plan de Ville NYC| Shop Emerging Designers| Women's Fashion

Plan de Ville NYC| Shop Emerging Designers| Women's Fashion

Plan de Ville NYC| Shop Emerging Designers| Women's Fashion


  1. Great photos! This looks like a fun event. So many great shoes. I think for men it is an obsession with boots, sneakers,shoes, and jackets.

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