The Simple Trick For Instantly Cool This Summer

Spritz breathe deeply spray review | Instant cool

One thing I hate about living in New York City during the summer is how sticky it gets, especially in the subway stations. If you constantly overheat during the summer or face public transportation during 100-degree weather as I do, here is a simple trick to instantly cool you down.

Spritz often.

I was sent Spritz Breath Deeply facial spray in the Spring. Upon first mist, I noticed how invigorating and cooling the formula was. Immediately I thought, this will be perfect for those New York Summer days.

It comes in a glass, UV protected bottle, perfect to throw in your purse or bag. The formula consists of purified water, peppermint, and eucalyptus plus other essential oils. The peppermint is what is incredibly cooling and invigorating. It instantly hydrates the face, soothes irritation, balances skin and purifies, while it cools you down.

It is a natural way to stay cool on the streets between AC buildings. I also keep it by my desk for a mid afternoon refresher. This company is cruelty-free, all natural, and proceeds support animal rescue.

Obviously, test patch before trying to make sure you’re not allergic. Would this be something you would try? Let me know in the comments below!

Spritz Breathe Deeply Review |Cruelty Free Beauty| Essential Oils

Spritz is conveniently sold at Nordstrom! Want more product reviews? Take a look here!


  1. I have never heard about this before but it sounds amazing. This is something I really need especially during this season. I hate the sticky feeling and this spray sounds super refreshing. Amazing that some of the money goes to animal rescue. Will search this up and definitely get it. Awesome post.
    Sharon Elsie |

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