Spring Trends We Are Loving From Revolve

Spring Trends 2018 With Revolve

With the first really beautiful day of the new year, we can’t help but to dream about warmer weather and wearing the latest Spring Trends. Here is what will be popular this season with a few pieces from Revolve to demonstrate. I hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments what trend you are most excited to rock this Spring.

Wide Leg Jeans

Your skinny jeans deserve a break. Feel free to fold them up and place them in the back of your closet because wide leg and loose fitted jeans are in. Boyfriend jeans are probably the most popular, but slight bell bottom and boot cut jeans are trending as well. These types of denims are cute when paired with ankle boots.

Disco inspired Pants

Hello 70s! We are seeing a ton of late 60s early 70s inspo in fashion, with yellow being a popular color and vintage rock tees coming back. The next fun trend are these disco inspired pants. We started seeing these flared pants last year, but they even become more popular this year.

Sheer Tops

Chiffon tops are soft and delicate and perfect for the warmer days ahead. The sheer properties of chiffon has taken off lately and been a big winner in street style. There are plenty of ways to layer these beautiful pieces to make them more work appropriate.

Body Suits

Still a huge hit that isn’t going anywhere. New versions of bodysuits are coming this Spring which has us excited. We love them because you never have to worry about tucking your shirt in and creates a clean fresh look.

Off the shoulder

It’s another year of off the shoulder, but this time it is taking a bit more of a sultry twist. A peek of one shoulder, or an off the shoulder dowsed in chiffon ruffles are our favorite variations of the trend.


The print of the season will be stripes. This classic look goes well with the wide leg denims and basket weaved totes.

Basket weaved totes

Speaking of which, pull out those beautiful basket bags you bought last year because they are still trending! These beauties have the ability to elevate any sundress.

Box purses

Another cute accessory trend emerging is the box purse. Smaller than a tote, but can be a crossbody, these purses have a clean line perfect for spring. Don’t forget the other big trend, color block purses!

Vintage Rock n Roll Tees

Vintage Rock n Roll Tees began last Spring Summer, but have become even more popular this season. We truly are seeing a lot of 1970s inspired fashion, which in a way reflects the social economic climate of the time as well. Peaceful protests and marches were at large in the 70s, similar to what’s occurring now.

Over-sized Blazers

The perfect topper for Spring are over-sized blazers. The classic look is still a popular trend that can be worn for years to come. If you are going to invest in a trend, let it be this one!

Bright Colors

This past New York Fashion Week, the runways were filled with colors and that was for Fall/Winter! Needless to say, bright colors will be here all year long, especially yellow. So why not partake in the trend this coming season with bold pinks and reds, and of course yellow.

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