All About The Sock Boot Trend

sock boots

**Updated November 2018**

The hottest boot trend this season is the sock boot. We saw it popping up last year as a big trend and it is here for another season. It is a fun way to update your wardrobe, try something new, and play around with fashion. This is a trend, so I wouldn’t invest too much money on these boots but enough to have a lil fun! In this article, I’ll share how to style the sock boot and several affordable pairs to style. Keep reading!

So What Is A Sock Boot?

It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a boot or bootie that has a soft facing instead of well structured one. It resembles a sock!

How To Style A Sock Boot

I recommend styling this trend with either a mini skirt to show off the boot or with loose fitted jeans and have the boot underneath. Many large retailers are styling the sock boots under boot cut jeans were you can see only a bit of the boot until you sit down or cross your legs. I like the appeal of having it show only on occasion (similarly to socks).

Wear To Shop The Trend

I found several cute sock boots at Asos for under $100. I also really like the ones at Nordstrom. Click below to shop all my favorites. Let me know in the comments if this is a trend you see yourself trying this season.


  1. Sock boots are really pretty and comfortable to wear. It is nice and suitable for many occasions and seasons especially fall. Agree that it will look good in boot cut jeans. And having it in pastel colour are kinda pretty. Nice selections. Sharon Elsie |

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