Meeting ‘She’s The First’ on My Trip To The United Nations

She's The First at the UN

Two weeks ago,  I was invited to the Youth Marketplace on Social Innovations for Health & Wellbeing event. The morning panel was hosted at the United Nations by Every Women Every Child and in partnership with the Office of the President of the General Assembly.  SDG Media Zone supported the conference and invited me to cover the important discussion on sustainability and gender equality. Both topics I am extremely passionate about. Two of the organizations that resonated the most were Why Farm It and She’s The First. Today, I want to introduce the latter and ways we can all get involved in providing gender equality in the classroom.


 She’s The First

I have mentioned numerous times on this blog and through my social media the importance of fighting for equality. From the wage gap to how men and women are tried differently in court, we still have a long way to go. The nonprofit organization,  She’s The First, concentrates not only on providing equal learning opportunities for girls, but getting them to graduate.


The Goal

By providing girls an education they are less likely to marry young, will more likely be in a healthy relationship, have fewer and healthier children, and change the world around them. Basically, STF is generating the next round of world and community leaders.


How We Can Help

Often, we miss, forget or don’t see how girls face different challenges in the classroom than boys. I asked She’s the First, how can we educate others about the issues of equality in the classroom? They answered:

“The most effective way to educate others of the inequality is by using the arts to educate young people in the classroom (theater productions, poetry, spoken word, dramatic pieces). Having the students act out real life scenario and use real life scenarios to bring across the message.”


Feel free to learn more about this organization and ways to get involved on their website.


  1. Such a beautiful cause. Gender equality is still a myth in most communities. I sincerely hope that future generations will get to tell a different story. Thanks for sharing

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